ERi-TV Music: ጸዋሪ - በረኸት መንግስተኣብ - Bereket Mengisteab, 2019 Independence Music music wme music


ERi-TV Music: ጸዋሪ - በረኸት መንግስተኣብ - Bereket Mengisteab, 2019 Independence Music


Thats sad:(

Ξl·ỉǿŧŧ Pǿйşợййєŧ

Je vous adore continuez


It funny i just end all dlc like 1 week ago and nintendo "No my brother it not the end, wake up!"

Marina and The Yeet

Title: I'm under 18 and creeps keep messaging me

Jake Jascob

@FunWithGuru i saw that same picture, ur profile picture, on google and was going to make it my profile pic but then i remembered it from here n was then sad cuz it was bad ass

Anthea Philander


Caydence Hutchison

Am i the only one who got a Brave kinda vibe from those tall rocks


"I'm Anna" 👌🏽 Nice choice in name..


When will you come out with a Bo3 Zombies Easter Egg video?


I'm more impressed about how they did the green screen.

Nuria Foreman

was this actually true????? if it is....... you are the bravest kid i know. i cried when i saw this video!!!!

Maxwell McAllister

I want tie to do it

Is everyone addicted to this frking game!!?


Do I have to find all the other easter eggs before doing the last one to make it work?

Celes xpandy

I was hoping to see the scene "after all this time? always" 😭


I just find it pretty funny how a newer game of one company is referencing older games by the same company, that are much, much better than the newer one.

Charlie’s words of Diamonds Charlie



Eh, I don’t believe the theory. But I liked the video regardless.


MiguelJ 0727

10/10 ign Video length is 420


DJ HItman, epic!! XD

Pollution X

No one:

I Am Furious

My parents doesn't want to hear me

Zz Shkh

I feel bad for garret😞

Fred Jensen

Part 2 please

Irpan Ramdhani

Mantap Kali😄

Prateet Veyyakula

make pool trick shot three like if you want

Judah Tirrell

dude perfect crew are good people. too bad you can't find alot of people like them

Michael Johnson

So this is what being a Jedi in 2019 looks like. Cool

Quentin Francis

i live in the usa


N Chamberlain

Hahaha the thumbnail made me think this was a sad video

Spencer Tubbs

what about dynamax wooloo? i mean i prefer the water croc thing over wooloo because its cooler.

Petr Kotlitel

i like how the farting sound continues even when video is gone and there are them texts at the end... :)

Andres camilo Tous arcia

¡¡nice video¡¡

Moon the Wolf stupid gacha and stuff

Actually happened..? Nah

Həčțøř ľőčö

Eu amo esse canal

Mehmet Can

Nice vid

Cooper Cote

Watch my clip sub and like

Yellow Leo499


Jordan Mills

How many weeks are you xxxxx😍😍


Sy cooper

Steve Lewington

I am from Hertfordshire

silver g gaming of every Friday

PlayStation vs xbox one


I’m the sleeper


Mia Khalifa Wants to Know your Location.




Thank you. I have BPD & complex PTSD (and more) and I feel all of this so hard. Everyone can't handle me. I fell into cutting at first, then eating disorder , then drugs eventually heroin addiction been trying to get better but my boyfriend and mom died. I had a blackout too. I blacked out for 10-12 hours and snapped out being taken by a man to an abandoned apartment to assualt me. Then I got a crack addiction I'm unsure how to even feel anymore but I took the step to an intake for the mental hospital I'm starting a women's trauma and addiction program soon and I'm looking forward it. I have so many dreams and desires i don't want to die I used to think i did. I want to accomplish things and use my unique perspective to help people

Im here just to listen the music