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Strings And Heart - Your Love (Official Music Video)

"Your Love" Available now on:Spotify: Music: with Strings and Heart: Instagram: LOVE (Lyrics)(Verse1)Chose my heart, chose me to listenCross with blood but you have risenTook the keys and stole my heartTook my soul so cold and hardKing of kings, o God of Ages First and Last, Alpha Omega You are God and I am not Jesus your love stole my heart and (CHORUS)I can’t seem to understandWhy you would give your lifeI don’t deserve your loveThat just pours all over(Verse2)Chose my heart, chose me to listen In my mess my imperfection But you see and know my heart Took my soul into your armsPrince of Peace, the Son of man My Rock my Father, guide my hand 'Cause you are God and I am not Jesus your love stole my heart and(CHORUS)I can’t seem to understandWhy you would give your lifeI don’t deserve your loveThat just pours all over(CHORUS VARIATION)I can’t seem to understandYou in all your splendorGod of salvation, of glory creationYour name will be lifted upAs I sing//Hallelujah, Hallelujah//(Written by Angelo Espinosa)©2019 ReyVol Records / Heaven Music GroupStrings and Heart - Your Love (Lyric Video) ©Reyvol Records / Heaven Music Group#StringsAndHeart #YourLove #ChristianMusic #NewChristianMusic

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