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el verbo

West Merrill

pool toys

I liek green tea

What if I failed in school and became homeless?Would that really be the best outcome?(I'm saying this because I don't really agree with the examples she giving, sorry.🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️)

amy novotny

i think there was a duck in the car at about 2:00 APRIL FOOLS😀😀😀😁😁😁

The 10000 subscribers with No videos challenge

4:48 The tree got RKOed


All your videos make me want to cry....

Meagan Garrett

The next one should be eating stereotypes

Sarah Keefer


The swish Bros

Space jam

IHaveSomeDogs AndPets

love it it's the best

Katy Cat

I think this trailer is darker than frozen 1 but i wonder.

Keld Lamberth

amazing clash of clans getcocfreegems is the way to go

No Name Available

Nightmare fuel: 100% full

Ross Moore

Minecraft is and always was better than fortnite

Trickshot Compilations

Nice video! also very nice trickshots!


Entertaining video I must say, but I'd say stick to trickshots :p

Senad Ferati

che tiro che ha fatto con il vortex nerf cita 100, 120

Hisyam Prob

I like this


@bennorris124 If you freeze the frame you can see the ball after it bounces off the ground at the 1:09 mark. It may take a few tries, because I was able to freeze 4 different spots in the 1:09 portion of the video. The ball is seen in the bottom right corner of the frame as the camcorder person is moving while all the guys are celebrating the shot. From that height, the bounce is really fast.

Tyrell Laupama

Captain Hook and RAGE MONSTER WOOD definitely be my friend

Cian Cosejo