Pa Mi (Remix) - Dalex ft Rafa Pabon, Sech, Cazzu, Fief, Khea, Lenny Tavarez (Audio) kxc music music


Pa Mi (Remix) - Dalex ft Rafa Pabon, Sech, Cazzu, Fief, Khea, Lenny Tavarez (Audio)

Ezekiel Bryan

Codys my least favorite

Olivia Gan

oh dang these stories are really cool

Isabella Yeung

you know the discs that Brodie uses I have them.

Kayla Dee

Yay, you guys uploaded on my birthday :D

Jessie Stricklin

The trailer looks great, hope the storyline is better than sun/moon, ultra sun/moon. The only thing I don’t really care for is the Dynamax, simply it’s just mega evolutions and z power mixed together. It’s pretty much boost the Pokémon like mega did, and it’s boost it’s move set like the z moves. Then they added raids like Pokémon go. Not really impressed. They’re really trying to hard. I wish they go old school or something. Have like a Pokémon tournament to see who becomes a Pokémon master. Hope they have a difficulty setting, the last few games are to easy and always feels like they’re holding your hand all the way through. I’m excited for the new Pokémon as well.

Oralia Méndez

Team up with Aj Green on Cincinnati bengalas

Christian Salazar

This was on my recommended cause of all those 9/11 videos I've watched.

PRX_ JunRod


Me: ok cool


I've no reason to watch it

Crystal Holloway

definitly a pie. i cant belive cody jones is losing his own thing

Squidle y

You like dat ty

Aadhya Prithipal

Tyler looks like his dad

Turtle Gaming

I just relized the chair lifts had no safety bars

Connor Samuels

Co by or Cory

•ɟɟo ʞɔnɟ•

*When the trailer shows a lot of footageY’all: Great now they spoiled the whole movie.When the trailer show little footageY’all: I doNt uNderStAnd anYthIng.*

Melissa Kempf


Stephen Manser