One Hour Of Light And Positive Inspirational Music - Uplifting Instrumental Background Music vns music music


One Hour Of Light And Positive Inspirational Music - Uplifting Instrumental Background Music

One hour of positive, soft and light inspirational background music for your videos, for studying, relaxation, as background music for work or simply for a positive and optimistic start into your day.You can download two albums of Inspirational music via bandcamp here you can license all of the tracks for your own media or youtube videos via the following links. Please note: Since I used both Basspartout Tracks and GreenAudio tracks in the video, it is not possible to offer them in only one package, but you can get:16 Basspartout tracks with a big discount as a music pack here:some of the GreenAudio tracks discounted here:you can always license them as individual tracks:Tracklist:01 Trust Your Heart: The Good Life: Hope For Tomorrow: Inspire Your World: Colours. I Believe In You: Easy Living: Source Of Inspiration: Friendly Faces: Hopes And Dreams: New Inspiration: Into The Light: Hope: Free And Easy: Beauty And Simplicity: Being With You: Love Is All Around: Music by Basspartout/GreenAudio © 2012-2017iTunes: Bandcamp: Facebook: Twitter: Google+: great instrumental background music from Basspartout:instrumental background music for all video makers and content creators. This music is safe for YouTube and Vidme monetization. With your purchase you receive a license which you can show to YouTube/Vidme in case you should receive any copyright claims!

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Absol-utely Töfti

Oh babe, you weren't healthy at all.

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This is officially my favorite Ladylike show.

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Thank you.

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5:04 Tyler is on his period😂


Make a video where you react to all the Jenna Marbles songs


Little late but glad everything went smooth , truly a blessing and props to Hila for being a trooper. I’m sure Theodore will have a wonder childhood! And hopefully adopt you guys sense of humor :)

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Meh, if you were the type of person to use "the natural way" as an argument for anything, you weren't the kind to do not have children, despite of the end result. (yeah sure there will be exceptions in the comments. geez, gotta put a disclaimer everywhere nowadays)

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Holy Crap! the secret hall of the developers npcs scared the crap out of me!

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Did u say she had to move in with the stepfather that abused her badly

"yeah, i'm not gay...i'm Tyler you fkn idiots..."

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why doesnt he play football

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Except for the music part! I love music! 🖤🎶



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