OK Go - I Won't Let You Down - Official Video kxc music music


OK Go - I Won't Let You Down - Official Video

Website | | | | | won’t let you down, no I won’t let you down. I won’t let you down, my love.Nikki, she’s got no flag to fly, but she don’t seem to mind that much, no she don’t seem to mind.And you, you’ve got your armor on. Nights out in babylon, yeah, nights out in babylon.But maybe all you need is someone to trust, maybe all you need is someone.And I won’t let you down, no I won’t let you down. I won’t let you down, my love.I won’t let you down.Now Emily’s got no tricks to try, but she don’t seem that much to mind, no she don’t seem to mind that much to me. And you’ve got what the whole world wants, so strap that armor tighter on, double on down like it’s gonna make you free.But maybe all you need is someone to trust, maybe all you need is someone.And I won’t let you down, no I won’t let you down. I won’t let you down, my love.I won’t let you down.CREDITS:Creative Director: Morihiro HaranoArt Director: Jun NishidaDirector: Kazuaki Seki and Damian Kulash, Jr. Choreographer: furitsukekagyou air:manCameraman: Makoto OkuguchiLighting: Akiyoshi IrioGRIP: Takashi TaniguchiDIT: Taito OyamaMulti-Copter Pilot: Kenji YasudaStylist: Kazuki YunokiHair Make: Asuka FujioSound Operator: Isao YoshidaLocation Coordinator: Kyohei Kitamura Online Editor: Shunsuke Kakuuchi, Takashi Tanaka Colorist: Shigeyuki ToriumiTranslator: Aiko Ishikawa, Ryuzo Tsutsui, Sumire MatsumuraUNI-CUB: Kazuyuki Iwata, Hirokazu Hara, Shinichiro Kobashi, Makoto HasegawaMass Games Design + Previsualization: Daisuke Sasaki, David Robert, Munechika Inudo, Yoshifumi Sadahara, Gilles BrossardInteractive: Ryo Tsukiji, Kousei Motoyoshi, Nobuaki Arikata, Kenshiro Nakashima, Junichi Arakawa, Masanobu Ishii, Yusuke KitaniMaking-of: Makoto KubotaAssistant-director: Hideaki JinboProduction Manager: Satoshi Miyata Agency Producer: Shiro Miyamoto, Naoyuki Masuda, Misato TachibanaProducer: Mitsuru YamamoriCast: OK GoCameo: PerfumeSpecial thanks to: the school girl dancers and HondaCreative Agency: Mori Inc.

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I wished Jack Frost was in here


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Ok I'l continue this video later i gotta go buy a Nike shoe

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About paddle

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Yeah nice song :D


They draw all,of that?

Creature Plays Games

Missed one Easter egg. When at the cornfeild, go through, and you can find the WaW map Nacht der Untoten.

Rico Ortiz

Nice video.What console is this game on?


The cats saved the video

Josh u

2:10 on the right isn't that bloody faces basement? From AHS?


The quality of the videos from 2012 to 2017 is mind boggling. These guys have really bettered themselves and done something huge

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Ty team


what's the sing name

Erika Ross

Who gives a shit, it’s a baby. Be happy you won’t have to take care of it for 18 years.


You failed the barrel roller

Agent T. Yang

Sad there can’t be a New England Patriots Edition because Bill can’t take stuff funny and takes stuff seriously. So there’s only Brady, Gronkowski, Edelman, Amendola, Hogan, and others that can have fun

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On Monday glow in the dark trick shots 2 will come out

9.5 StabWounds

The mirror is a lie

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I have bpd too i found out a couple of months ago, i knew there was something wrong but i never searched for help. Currently i go to a therapy hopefully things will get better. Thank you for sharing your story💕


9:29 Harper is that you?


9:43 no im sorry, no offense but i still think that open relationships are messed up and can really mess up a child too. The parents just got their daughter into a ton of trouble with depression because they so casually told her that they were dating other people but somehow still married. If this happened to my parents I would never forgive them. This is just an opinion of mine. please dont hate, I just stick with what i say and i truly do believe that open relationships especially with a married couple is messed up I will give it some consideration but for now its messed up in my eyes.

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Frozen 2 on the way to beat Frozen

How do you find these?!

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Me: scrolls in recommend

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Woman is a man with a wo

tob Jay


Sithlord 1000

Wait. If Ditto is a clone of Mew/Mewtwo, does that mean it also has the entire Pokémon genetic code inside it too? If that's the case, then that means Ditto doesn't need to transform based off of memory.


You should make a top ID software easter eggs list!

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The pacman one is fucking amazing

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My dad thinks that people can’t have depression and they are just attention seekers... get why I don’t want to tell him?


awesome you guys made a couple of insane shots!

Bobby Amdro

I can do everything in this game. Collect everything get every card. But most of all. Obtain the lion heart in first disc..who’s with me?

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what's more creepier: Large elephant statues crying blood or a Giant Cockroach?

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She seems schizophrenic or bipolar , maybe both

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Awesome video love your channel

Sounds like it.


3:02 Cody, you found a bitcoin?! lol. That'd be one heck of a find!!

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Anyone watching in 2069?

“You’re gonna make us lose!”

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6/10 they forgot dopefish

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That is so sad😭 I would freak out instantly!

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Is the guy that said you better not be sending me on a wild goose chase my friend Harper?

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Hadn't had a good laugh with a YouTube video in a while. Lol