NORMAL PARENTS VS MY PARENTS (w/ MyLifeAsEva) | Brent Rivera music texas music


NORMAL PARENTS VS MY PARENTS (w/ MyLifeAsEva) | Brent Rivera

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Niraj Savalia

I want to meet you I am beggiest fan of yours

Jessie Jay Macaraeg

60 yards

beri yeri

He looks like Kevin


Hi dude perfect

Also the funny thing is when games like this introduce new and advanced stormtroopers and I'm just like, where were they in the OT...

Literally no one:

Apurva Chouksey

Its pakoda and ghee wow lots of love from 🇮🇳 india❤️ and

B H-0

how tall is the blonde spikey haired guy from dude perfect

Alyssa TV

What about the other sister!????


You should see Lars anderson

Dr Tfue

For Asian boy cant hit girls and girls can hit boys.


LOL troll face

Ty: "Absolutely"


Uses anime refices

TheMasterofCookies HD

This is gonna ruin the game so


and the lust guy seems to mumble "motherfucker....".

İsa Ağca

Lütfen bana şunlardan bir tane hediye edin


I really Love DudePerfect :)

Brawlhalla (Adventure Time add on): 3:11 - 3:41


I was on Instagram before I got this notification xD


I wonder if there is any weapon Easter eggs in this game like a call of duty weapon or something

Matthew Grant

Go to Germany to flush a toilet


I am Lord F*ckwad

Gamer Nerd



shines light on metal gear revengance. "looks like nothing special" DAMMN just hoed their own game XD XD XD


What ever happened to doing more voice vids? Your voice is amazing... want more voice

Pete the Paper Boat

Once seen it cant be unseen..

Nate’s Exciting Days

Detroit lions


Everyone is asking if we’re watching in 2018....- I’m watching in 2019


Really loved this years Disney e3. This games graphics look great

Tyler Pauls

3:24 which video was that?

Chunky Gang

9/11 all over again...

Friends. Friends

Kees Hooyman

Ty had a vers bad pizza last night and hè still won. What a beast

Kellen Nelson

Love you guys

marion wetter

The poor Panda all the Time

Umesh Mishra

Why don't you guys try new game that is more famous in other side the world...I.e Asia Australia newzealand n some countries of Europe...that is CRICKET


At 7:27 I was like "well wtf happened to mama?"

Madiha Kashif

I am so happy because you have 41,215,617 subscriber

jhon velez

2:04 Bichtofen XD, ok no...

Kyle Brodie

Still love that precursor orb easter egg since I first found it.