Nino bravo...- america kxc music music


Nino bravo...- america

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Vlad Mitu

Absolutely awesome!!!!😍😍😍😍

Eva Pencz

Congratulations garret

Lila star





Ex wife of a billionaire kind of vybz... Webcomics..... just saying

Jayden Croes

What started in their backyards, is now one of the biggest known shows on YouTube. Thank you so much for being there for us Dude Perfect

찌는 태양을 향해 갈 때


One thing wrong about this vid:

Horacio Fariña

Le puse esta música a mi gato... Ahora es un puma.

Bwee and Masheeta The Troublemakers

26 bounces.

creative vibha

Nope that's not me

Aidid Rashed Efat

The costumes of the storyteller in her school and her parents say that they are probably from a conservative country where complaining against men is considered to be immoral. In the developed Western world, children get mobile phone much earlier than her and men are not creepy.

Dan Chandler

There's a skyrim one there too with a dead guy with an arrow in his knee

I know where he is though.

Avocado Emmy

im nota fish

So, yeah. Compliment people. You might only make their day better, but that's great anyways! And sometimes, you might be able to help them climb out of a dark spot in their life, I guess.

Ivar Borglin

Uplodin' da vids :)

Domocracy Destroyer

She was born with the X Gene! When she grew up she became a mutant and got her powers!

Child: “lol ok I’ll just go do that again bc who cares? Nobody DISCIPLINED me and told me that SHATTERING expensive glass was wrong. AHhaha”

Lucy Paire

Wut r u doin' boi

If someone is suffering, you do not keep them from passing away peacefully. It doesn’t matter how much you love them, they would die knowing that you did them a favor.

Neytan Yel

I didnt evem watched everything I already hit the like button,cuz I know it will be good!

That's how I'm feeling really, I ain't ever wanna have to ask for help

Said Seyda

As always a good video mate and sry to ask but where are you even from guru? Im following you since the very beginning and i still dont know which country you come from 😯 anyways pls keep making those videos mate , they always put a smile in our faces 💪🏼

Jarad Robert Tromp

Garret you are insane

WyattC 101

Who was that other guy?

Just me ok

Kuci Mąka

That dabbing skeleton gave me cancer

Andrea Rotella

no stephen curry?

Not in my Christian household

Oh my god Jeffree you crying is so sad to watch 🥺🥺🥺🥺 I’m so sorry this happened to you. I don’t know what’s it’s like to lose a best friend but don’t worry, diamonds in dog heaven watching over you. Now sending lots of love ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

ganesh mhaske

Sword shot

- Force effects made to look stronger

Jodie Mercury


Elijah Liam

You guys do awesome videos in I bet you you can make everything in one try

General H Gaming

I feel bad for panda.

Terry T

What's the song called?

Over the Edge Bladesmith

Funwithguru, you missed another movie reference in Fallout New Vegas. the weapon "That gun", which can be bought in Goodsprings, is Harrison Ford's futuristic revolver from the movie Blade Runner.

Kenneth Ramos

This smooth editing... man oh mannn

Gach____ Animal

Is that Anwar?

little hoshi

Im the anxious type.

Chrysta Lundy

i liked and subscribed

My Mother's Memes

travis should go to the giants

Elspeth Edema

I love paul

Eliza Brook

You should do a soccer trick shot video with Tobin Heath


His videos are satisfying to watch because they're edited so well


I got a simpsons ad on this video lol

Já Tunejsem

It made me cry💔

Claire Cheek

Dear Dude PerfectEvery single shot in that this video is great. I wish I could have been there to watch and personal. Love all of your videos I love your channel I describe and like and turn on notifications to your channel into every single video you make so when you make a new video I get to watch it. If you can can you please make one of me playing football with you guys I would love that to happen.Sincerely Aiden


she said her dad sexually abused her but is also her best friend? uh..

Patriots Lover


Ahh here we go again