New Best Club Dance Music Summer Megamix 2015 CLUB MUSIC music abstract music


New Best Club Dance Music Summer Megamix 2015 CLUB MUSIC


that editing on the battlefield hardline Easter egg was genius.

Bear McBear

6:33 *bursts

Gabi S

Ok, so, earlier i have seen a video about a girl who survived an airplane crash, the story is pretty much the same as the one that's being narated in this video, and just to be sure, is this the same girl?

Yasmin Hernández

Te Amo Dios Te Bendice Grandemente ☺Mucho Talento Es Hermosa Esa Canción😍😍 P.R y R.D🤗


I think that the chicken in the end also refer to the first fable game where you could kick them and the longest kick was always listed in the statistics

christina marshall

I didn’t get a phone till 16 but it was not that bad but ok lol

How do you find those? I woulda never even noticed that portal 2 track behind the door if it wasnt for you!


this is team USA don't get on the topic of canada

Titan For Ever


Bizarre Arts

This is hella true however everytime I "forgive" them I end up loving them more ; - ;

Evan Barker

God ty is rude



The loud eater

Luísa GF

Tom Holland is just an amazing actor!!! I couldn’t even tell he was English because his accent is so good 😍🙌🏼👏🏼👏🏼

Elon Musket.



Dino Aussauro



Play Saints Row 4

Hetero Maximum


Yasmin Jama

244 messages 😱❤️

TheCrippledBanana !

Do it for Danica


#YIAYjob she does some charity work. like taking care of jenna's dogs! #positivity

Diego Ornelas


Giovanni Zepeda

rage monster

son I do

Noah Noah

🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳happy new year 2019


THIS IS A HORRIBLE SHOT!!!!!!!!!!now that i got your attention, check my videos out

Mitch Vang

Sticky tree frog!

Paramasivam Sivam

plz subscribe dude goldeniam your fan

Brads Vlogs

Biggest sling shot

Tanner Walos

That’s horrible

Adalyn MacLean

dat cats name be Panda!


I just realized that my 12th b-day is in less than a month and i still don't know how to ride a bicycle ;-;


Im eating a sandwich while seeing the vid 😁


It you were there following it with your eyes from the 3rd deck*

This can be applied to school life also

Ewan Burkett-Teasdale

Anyone watching in 2019 though? Probs not

Yo Yo

When my mom was pregnant the doctors said the baby wouldn’t be able to talk

Ishita Banerjee

Wow this is a grt vdo


You are a mistake because of this story that is fake

the alpha wolf/red alpha 2000

1like=unlimited punches to the P.E teacher

zaid the gamer

You are so dumb why you did this thing you know don't do it this is your private pictures some random dude tell you give me a pic you never give him a pic because he always want to send it to his friends then his friends going to send it to the school because this is a not good thing to do just believe to self and it will go away


My step father is a tomboy and his caring and loving father for me.

The Dark Altarius

2 years

S. W. L. Shepard

That was awesome, but... 2:10. His grip is completely wrong. I'm not really surprised, just annoyed... no, wrong word... disappointed?... no... aggrieved? I think that might be it. Somewhere between annoyed and disappointed? That's what I was going for. Anywho, just thought I'd leave my completely unsolicited opinion here in the grand tradition of the internet.

Emma the Cat


Jesse Bucio

This was so hilarious

creative and gaming tech

2019 anyone


you forgot the xbox360 and magazines at neighboring survivors houses.

Call Of Duty, Advanced warfare 2, return of the exo jumps