NAB Thori Say Narmi Karay Please - Nasir Chinyoti Honey Alebla - Khabardar with Aftab Iqbal kxc music music


NAB Thori Say Narmi Karay Please - Nasir Chinyoti Honey Alebla - Khabardar with Aftab Iqbal

#AftabIqbal #NasirChinyoti #HoneyAlbelaKhabardar Aftab IqbalWatch Khabardar with Aftab Iqbal August 2017 only on Express News in HD. Co Hosts Including Nasir Chinyoti, Honey Albela, Mariyam Ali Hussain and Rubi Anam. - خبردارآفتاب اقبال -Watch , Enjoy and Subscribe to our channel for more.

memeinator 96

This animation and the men's voice remember me about agent 47


that was nice and helpful thing u did and I agree with what u said


Mark G

Lol like that will work

jdmddm aisjsjj

Yep this is fucking me


Thanks for sharing your stories, Very interesting and without words. Amazing. Keep up the good work.

(Ok , I'll stop now)

Like: Cyberpunk 2077

butt face magy

Your Teacher is Awesome is the best Teacher I have heard about


Æsch Carter

This reminds me of a song called "Anxiety"

Kassy Cao

Fun fact: this video used to be called "My two best friends hated each other"

Master Icarus

Zelda: Open your eyes...


thank you man

Eimear Reilly

@TheyCallMeSureShot without advertisements how would youtube function. they would have no money you dumb ass!

[GD] LightzLobbyz

Those aren't shot guns those are semi autos

alef lessa

Don't know... it's good and all etc... but I still find this game too generic. The movement is rigid, there aren't absolutely ANY new ideas through the gameplay... i know an average game is better than a bad one, but still isn't what SW deserves.


I still hate that girl

Delia S. Roman

congrats on 10mil guys

Randall Gyebi

The strength in the throw, accuracy (even if it took a thousand tries) and the techniques. He doesn't throw straight he curves the ball in an arc, which is more testament to his accuracy and techniques. Normal people will try and aim straight.


Я один тут русский???

Hoàng Mạnh

Đẳng cấp đấy các anh bạn

Song Bird



whats the song in this video?

Thomas Family

She shouldn't have to go through that her dad needs to man up more and take charge sad story