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Big Mel



am i the only one who found the background music a little loud?

Alex Horn

I am the creepy guy sitting on a treadmill singing take on me and solving a rubiks cube

If the scientists were to explain what Mew was like to a super Ditto, could it try to mimic what it was told? We don't really get an explanation for how a super Ditto gains it's perfect memory of Pokémon. It seems plausible that a Ditto trying to mimic what it's told could be a reason for Mewtwo being so different from Mew.

Tylar Whittaker

I love this Easter egg


Yea i have! It goes by my house all the time.

Syed Umair

It’s funny how the car was moving by it’s self

Moto Moto

Video idea. My sister recently graduated from high school. And I wanted to know what was your graduation like.


I downloaded your guys app it's amazing I love it

Kish Jain

Chad or Tim is the panda

Suchayan Das

This is pretty motivating

Both went to therapy #1: random person's dad against bullies.


If you meet some one like in a romance novel or movie THEN ITS NOT GONNA LAST 😑

Evan Queen

Is it just me or is tyler just a stereotype that people assume


@watergrass5150 You try and make this shot then

Falkerwy Scray


Dark Vanquisher

Deadmau5 and Slendy Easta Egg?

Suckmydickiana -

Maybe you should lose weight its unhealthy for you

Evan Erickson

That was pro

Venom Snake

Damn who thought the infection would be real.

Road Man

it took you 62 hours and you still did it wrong?

Denise Asmussen

You are always sick


I love the style of this, thats all, continue scary hate comments xd

The Angry Shober

omg the guy in the stick pyramid was the same guy in interstellar

James Sherman

11 bounces


did you just tease a talladega night episode?


Airplane shot! No way

Claudia Kulot

you are like the most kind-hearted person.

Ninja Flips

@FunWithGuru congrats on the amazing Channel growth.  Every You Tube video creator has this dream of hitting that mix of luck and loyalty from viewers to push that one video over the top and make their Channel explode.

butter at 5:08: zoom

- And press the Gaben in addition

Adrien Agreste

This got uploaded on my birthday today big 13 😻❤️💗

freddy the sith

guys do u reconize alan wake? its jhonny toast

Mas Jun

3:05 the ball comes out again :p

Ngoc Le

Is it just me or is the part at the end when Yama-kun and Hiroki-kun takes the giant ramen away is just the cutest

L Lawrence

Try flipping a pencil

Max Hewison

The mafia3 one could also be from saw

Damon Schulz

Team ty

right away


Basketball blaster


fake, watch a video fo someone exposing this channel.

Fernikka. blast. off 123


康 康

This was posted on my birthday!


Good video and i loved the Jak and Daxter easter egg :D

Jason Brasser

if he hadnt put it PERFECTLY in the middle there is no way it would have gone in at that speed. At you would be surprised how much a bball can curve, ive seen it curve more at a much shorter distance so its definitely possible

Mr. MoistBoi

Poor panda, poor poor panda. His healthy unscathed body will be missed