Musica Romantica - Cancion Facil de 3 Tonos para Principiantes (Tutorial Guitarra) music abstract music


Musica Romantica - Cancion Facil de 3 Tonos para Principiantes (Tutorial Guitarra)

En este video les explicare como tocar / acompañar la cancion Musica Romantica de Pancho Barraza en la guitarra acustica de la manera mas facil posible. Es una de las muchas canciones estilo balada que estare subiendo a Youtube que llevan nada mas 3 acordes. Ya vendran mas tutoriales. Suscribanse!! Saludos!Instagram: @frankysotomusic Facebook: Franky SotoSnapchat: frankysotomusic



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When Resident Evil 7 came out I was like "This definitely has easter eggs in it so I'll give GuruKid 4 days to make at least a minisode on the game and if it isn't out by then... I'll just wait some more" and what do you know, here it is. Love your videos man, I've been with you since Mirror's Edge and I felt ultra nostalgic watching the Mirror's Edge: Catalyst video! I even made a shirt (don't worry it's only for private use) that says "I started living the 29th of July 2011" with a rat on top! Keep doing what you're doing until you don't enjoy it, cause after that there's no point. Just make sure that's a long time from now, peace...Papa Bless!

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