MOUNTAIN HIGH | Official Lyric Video | Cageless Birds, Jonathan David & Melissa Helser music vizazi music


MOUNTAIN HIGH | Official Lyric Video | Cageless Birds, Jonathan David & Melissa Helser

This is the official lyric video for the song “Mountain High” found on the Cageless Birds album, “We Rise We Bow” Subscribe to get the latest videos and songs: chord charts, lyrics, info and more at: everywhere now: Birds | with Cageless Birds :Facebook | |

Sulthan Faiq Adi Putra

Apa ini Lee leleleeeeeee

Aaron John

I'm so happy he survived I almost cried 😭😭😭

Ani Vales

omg 😢

rossana quidaciolu

you are right, it is a wonderful thing



Also her: gets an -A

Nathan T.

The woman in the yellow shirt was obviously hurt. But that


1:31 Rip Mr. Bean


Was the first one in Camp Pioneer in ohio?

hannah faith

"i dOn't kNow wHy yOu wEre bOrn iN the fiRst pLace!!!"

Cameron No

They needed Swaggy P (role-playing shooter).

Merv Clarsberg


Cameron Myers

What shot was at 2:15 ?

I’m hungry

Cruz Corp

As usual, Olivia is the best thing about this

복숭 아

방탄을 알게되고 팬이되어서 너무 기쁘고 좋아요💖💜

10k subs With 1 VIdeo?

Congrat 38M SUbs

Alice FireCurse


Hazel Snow

That. Supposed to make a face

Al Buchori

That's perfect pingpong shot i ever shot. I like with the stick golf. It's very perfect 👍

George, Just George

It was great seeing both of these guys get punched in the face!

Sameen Hadiya

This looks incredible! I can't wait!

Heidi Brown

You guys are GREAT

GED Gert

I was high as hell and finally found the song it’s super lit

Zavien Franklin

2:10 what? Did you think I wouldn't see that? XD


2:55 Cody literally threw 5 footballs in the air and 1 came down

Cheryl Smith

IQ of about 10

Beckett Kennedy

Make a song

“Its show time”

simply shazza

Better than the sister squad🤭 just sayinnnnn🤪 even though the sister squad were some good days and I love the videos, I kinda ship the holy trinity squad now... where’s the merch :DDD

Corbin Poussard


Puppy :3

I’m a 10 year old...

RP Hacks

Olaf; Who's the funky looking donkey their ?Anna; That's swen Olaf;And who the reindeer over their?Anna;That's swen.My favorite dialog in frozen.