Most Epic Music Ever: "The Wolf And The Moon" by BrunuhVille music nzqa music


Most Epic Music Ever: "The Wolf And The Moon" by BrunuhVille

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Tom Shinners


Keith Woodward

Aww man I'm sad they didn't put the saints row 3 continuing the Easter bunny on the boat :(



Fortnite Battle Playgrounds.

ur moms a virgin

I expected the comment section, to be.... uh people who is totally excited, but boi was i wrong


The PE teacher is a pedophile

laughing boi

Thor's hammer

Lisa Pham

lmao who else thought she were having a sleep paralysis at the beginning?

Frank Conrad

Ehhh.... ehhhhhh.... ye..... eehhhh..... 😐

Fresh Nasrah

Fucking sick

Cole Outlaw

It would be a real challenge if you use buckshot not bird shot


Zettelic Playz

My grades started to drop. *Shows A-...


todd womack at 1:27

Claudia Bogusz

I feel bad for garrett

memeinator 96

This animation and the men's voice remember me about agent 47

James Zielke



Even though Kojima is now officially done with the series, if he does ever come back, I'd love to see a game set between Metal Gear and Metal Gear 2 with Solid in his prime still working for Foxhound. It would likely just be a side story but I'm sure Kojima could find a way to make the game relevant to the overall series mythology. Its been way too long since we've gotten to play as Solid Snake during him prime. The last time was during the Tanker mission in MGS2. That's a loooooong time!

Eliza Schuyler Hamilton

Struggling with Anxiety is one of the worst things in the world...and I should know...

Sunil verma

You are the world best YouTuber

I have around 0 subs lol

OMG! This is the exact opposite of their video where she called the police on her own mom



Hunter Jackson

Same borthday as noah.

Palmer C

this is so funny (ur the best on youtube) cause ur funny and ur good at sports!


I wouldn’t care if I was adopted tbh

Olya Zelenska

The world is ready for another Deep Sea Fishing Battle.ОТВЕТИТЬ

Fish Bait15

You should do a build a boat 2

Santiago Castro

Aren't those the kids that make all the nerf announcements

oscar figueroa

Did you hack zombies? just for the fact that you had the ray gun and thousands of points before round 2?

Ramim Mollah

This is the first time where I feel like the trickshots were kinda easy to perform. It was the planes that did most of the work.

Samantha Margallo

Omg same...I played this game called mobile legends and creeps/Pervs keep Asking me to S*xchat with them WTH im under 18 Dude im 9!!!!!!

jacob wynns

when she said "wow that worked not at all"


Ya hoo


Esse triler ta parecendo filme da DC de tao obscuro, certeza q quando lancar em vez de ter criancas no cinema, vai ter um monte de fas do batman


I swear, they always pick the ultimate perfect song


Lele, Juana and Rudy made a series on this. And it’s all directed by Rudy. So creative💕👏🏼

Rahul Naskar

0:28 Thor and Captain America!

Walker Alsbrooks

They do know they didnt invent this right?

Nick Games Silva


Logan Neff

I want to make a vid with you.

Afonso Sopa

It is impossible

Syko Gaming

Tyler is beast


1 minutes later till I noticed that it was bijuu mike

Makira The Wolf

I cant wait

Zuno Zoo

Now I want this new Ditto in game! Has two moves, Transform and Memory Transform (Transforms in to a random Pokemon from memory. Only picks from Pokemons you have previously transformed in to! If you are conservative and only use transform against special pokemons it could get some nice ones =) )

Great job Rudy!

The Self Adjectated Gender