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Hey!Ik I haven’t been updating a lot but I have my things I do in life!I have school and Ik that just bc I had school it doesn’t take 3 months to upload again, well....I was in the middle of making 3 VIDEOS AT ONCE!!!!!One for my main channel and still haven’t finished it bc it’s about my rl and 2 for here!I got bored of editing so I started making another video and finished that which has two parts which I’m about to be in the working with that and started to actually edit the video that’s here right now!!!!Well I hope you enjoy and stay to watch it even if it’s the most annoy-ingest looking video ever but just please enjoy!!!!!💖💖💖💖

Pizza Man

Keep up the great work guru have a great year

BlasphemyGamingHD Gaming

cool video

Vedran Horvat

Demons are behind panic attacks.

Kermit the Frog

Hammer duh

Fahd Osman

2076 anyone here

kutie trends

Why would you do that to a minion action figure


Im the loud eater my friend is the buttery popcorn guy

iamcat 001

Poor tree

Kray Kray

I can't stand people with OCD.

Far From Lovely

Most of the easterneggs are aboutnunchRtednormother naughty dog games.

I knew there was a ball up there but can't remember the wraith as a jump pad

Neethish Neethish

Cody support like for me

Nick Kleinig

what is the song at 1:00

Louis IIX

Trying to profit of a dead man.... this lame

Rama Kisara

i hope youre not just following the bandwagon

That embarassing moment hunts me everytime

Sorry for my grammar.

Mac Trece

Generation of FIENDS!! No good...

Mel Astrope

You cut out the best part of that scene in The Matrix what the hell? Also the scene in Edward Scissorhands where Peg meets Edward is the best scene in the whole movie


Seems like the logos reacting or not with the light is an indication on how Kojima perceives the games : genuine MGS games will have their logo disappear when "franchise exploitation games" pushed by Konami are "nothing special" and don't react to the light.

Boni Monu

I just watched Homecoming 10 seconds ago and saw your new vid... i guess we fit perfectly together


thats it? cmon man i feel like this game should have tonnes more easter eggs, and worthy ones too


They didnt put in coby's first win


Virtual Boy

No matter how bad you have it people have it even worse but some way or some how you can make it

fishing lover 7800

You forgot are we there yet!



Alex Falcon

Coby’s first win ever

Here's To The Rest Of Us 🎉🎉

maikol msmm


A.J. Brookes

Sadly whenever someone asks me out, I declined and say no. It’s not my time to date yet and I don’t want to emotionally attached myself to someone then they leave. I had a one boyfriend so far and our relationship was a pretty rocky start. Breaking up every three or two months until I had enough with the situation and we broke up. Nothing about our relationship was bad and we still love each other, it just it wasn’t at the right time.

Diana Castro Pimentel

im 12 and i wanna watch this dont judge meh k