😂🤣😃 Marathi tik tok funny videos 😂😃😄 music vizazi music


😂🤣😃 Marathi tik tok funny videos 😂😃😄

Hi'I am jitendra kumbhar host of" ROYAL MUSICAL"YouTube channel.in this channel you will get tik tik funny videos,most popular videos.Mostly I am uploading Marathi fun videos

seven deuce

"Micheal Phelps swam in this pool ,I swallowed the water thats awsome...."

Memow Gacha

Who else watched fresh off the boat and watched the episode and is not Asian and was like wow 😮


We need more content videos like this on YouTube instead of everybody trying to be like leafy


I wish there was an Hades one :c

cayden gamez

It's gonna happen eventually so I guess the only thing you can hope for is for it to be peaceful


whatever it takes


Bekah Andreasen

You’re rich af whys your phone cracked

My mind:elon muskito

Arch Hill


Lenny Koala


Kaylee Peacock

Congrats Colby lol

Amanda Redfern

sweet shop

Dirk Wyngarden

I love your hockey shot because I do girls hockey

Tyshon Ware

Epic games plz can I get 800 vbucks username is yeon the

matthew reviews

2:30 what was that?

- just my two cents from a helicopter pilot 🤷‍♂️

del ec

@Seibitsu are you German? That miss thing is how Germany spells meow.

Casey Van Meter Van Meter

Bora bora

Dah Bunz

Mrtoots d*** is getting beat that's what's goin on

Demarcus Dunn

Coby im sicking with you


Look when Activision set COD in WW1 in next two years.


About what was the video?

Youtube Comment 2.0

Really wants full video of behind the scenes

Jeff Portnoy

0:49 you left Cody hangin

Ferguson Family

you are so good



Lana K

This is a very sad story, but it is important that this experience got animated. Not a lot of people know about Dissociative Personality Disorder (?), let alone the finer aspects of this disorder, so this story raises awareness. Even her personal experiences of childhood trauma are enlightening: do you see what abuse, especially child abuse, can lead to?! It's terrible what happened to the narrator, and I am glad she's doing better and have people in her life who love her unconditionally.


I'm a simple man. I see good content, I watch it. Keep it up FunWithGuru/KidGuru!

Ryder Caparino

It’s not fake they’re just taking a lot of attemps

Mr.classy Tooter

I bet coby will win in a sumo battle

I'm glad that shizzy is over

Maggie Pimm

Happy birthday old man


you are very lucky to survive! well done!!!!!!!!


Miss another PS3 in the clickers zone of the University, and the reference of Jurasic Park with that last shot in the video

GuMsUM PaRiNdA____

March last ?? 2019Anyone????

Heptic Gaming

Wow this is so surprising

Robert O Tegan

Am I the only one slightly triggered that they were doing geography when they said history?


No. 2 is hilarious. xD

Johnny Valencia

I can't believe this was HD 7 years ago...

Only AlexJones

Lmao million users in a month? Have you heard of apex legends?

Reggie and Harrsion

Sorry i spelling is bad


That dead Tyrion tho 💀

The girl in the back : ○_○

Joel Fremling

2019 anyone?

Caboose Resurrected

3:23 I feel bad for the kid's broken birthday present. Kid's childhood life ruined.


lionel messi

Thats what she said

Me at 3 years old: sucking my thumb and falling off the toilet 😂

The Wolf Twins

Is no one else gonna talk about the piano music playing in the beginning of thw video. It's "River Flows in You"


Dont say who make facebook cause the ZUCC WILL GET YOU