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What annoys me is when I am obviously listening to music with headphones on

Parker Simon

This Warehouse is the DPHQ2

greg oscar

I bet if it was Steph Curry, he wouldn't make a big deal out of the shove. It's a shove, not a kick or punch. That's because Steph is a chill character. You could see it in interviews how patient he is with all the reporters. Lowry is a whiny little brat.


I thught the secret endings for silent hill were always aliens?? this is news to me


Shooting them in order? Damn thats 10! Combinations

Sheep TB

They would be perfect cleaners

Random Japanese Guy

Everyone's favorite anime

Mada Moto

We want open boards for all oceans

Kevin Maruthan

More like a crash landing

Alisa the robot 1.0

I think..he wanted to see ehow much you love him...if I were you I would say"I love you but..I'm not ready yet.."

Ishaq Niz

Tony khabibs ultimate nightmare

Devan da wat

my fav easter egg is seeing my grandma and uncle at the end of the movie. they were in the part with a bunch of photos of pixar employee relatives... they died

Quentin Louis

This is dad

Duncan Miller the Greatest Entertainer on Earth

and excuses is always cody,

Tora Bora

Waiting for the idiots who will say 9/11 was an inside job when it clearly was an Israeli job.

Sophie Legresley

I don’t understand, I watched this video on Friday, how come the date is Monday?

Kevin Herbst

why is it that whenever something cool happens on the internet ppl call it fake

killthisart animations

Das me bitttcchheees

Trashawn Campbell

what bout windowa phone

braeden mack


Rlntlss Gamers

i love this game 

Bhatari Kalinda

well etleast your friends with successful people🤠👍🏻

Killer Playz

This is new

Carson Alvarado-Konz

Power button pusher

Andrea Bottrell

You aregood ☺😱

Abdullah Bashir

Poor Edtiors :(

April Rose

It took me for long hours to control my tummy. And my first baby is also a girl and in 7:00 i was in pain and on 8:00 in the morning and elivered in the delivey room




Dallas Cowboys Ezekiel Elliott hey Mike Evans

Saifullah Sajjad


Celina Kraft

That horse was familiar...

corny cirn

I don’t get it

Muhammad Abbas

What hapened if there were sharks

Dksidekid TRUE GAMER

8:45 Matilda made me absolutely tingle like if u agree


Gods and monster... monster hunter? Dauntless? Hmmmmmmmmmmmm

Ethan Blackburn


RussellYoung Vlogs

Make another one

End of the line

This video is c

Stephen-Ryan Bridgett

RIP. So sorry for your loss x



this is Donald Trump's childhood

Quand tu veux dire Salut et Allo en même temps, donc tu dis Salo-> Salaud....

9th dimension- Ability to have total control of every possible universe in the omniverse. You are practically the omniverse itself.

BenPlays 52


Ferguson Family

you are so good




Watching this video, it's foolish saying video game is not art.

Isabella McCullah

My name is Bella

ibis man

3:08 magic


I’m also a german from germany and I’m on the purple hoser nation and Garret’s my favorite person on dude perfect

Charlie Prothero

2:10 dj khaled?

Nick Yoloswagleetington

What do these developers crafts affect?I only understood the lightning bolt from your hand,but what about the others?

Taya Coates

Anyone Re-watching all the battles in 2019?



anderson fernandes

top friends

Shylyn Crosbr

You founded my grandpa omg😵😵


Where the fuck is goku


Paige Rhoda

My mom showed me that show

Sick Sick Pick

You should go to a trampoline park