Luis Miguel - La Incondicional (Official Music Video) kxc music music


Luis Miguel - La Incondicional (Official Music Video)

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Do it for the gram WHO

Adhesh Sagar

Why not huge trees instead of walls?

Kingston X357

you can blow up sanietizer

I wanted to watch, but as soon as the camera angle changed: "OH GOD NO!", video turned off.

You could also buy some other items.

Asta Wolfe

This might be the first BL game that I've played where I won't main siren.


When they said they were showing Game of Thrones scenes, those were not the ones I expected.

Ch1py & Ch1py


Iskandar Iskandar

Amazing cool


2018 huh😏

When you are in stress on brain then stop hard work,your heart feel stress too.

The Commenter

Where to get the panda mascot?


Tipu tipu

J Ay S Tar

Where’s panda

Michelle McGraw

You gave Diamond the best life a dog could ask for! She was so loved not just by you & Nate, but by millions of others & especially us OG’s that have been around since the My Space days! She was so such a sweet & beautiful girl. Rest in sweet peace Diamond. 💔😢

Evan Hebert

She’s 5 and has math homework?¿

Zorktrain 123

I would not get hit by a chair for a skit


i ve benn watching you since 2017 ;)

rakesh ghosh


Its_Top Gio_YT

In the old guy: did “the old guy” call ty fuzzy face

Alex Rodriguez

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*thunder sound effect

RavenCraft 514

I feel like a dude perfect superhero battle is long, long overdue. What do you guys think?

Ocen Naco

I really can’t help but to realize that this video slaps me so hard like this is always me whenever i feel like i will be in a relationship.


maybe he forgot to mod the name. it's not easy as you think.

Zarrell Dillard


love XD


Caleb Miller

Part 2 please!!!! But across the world

Purple Cat Lover 8

Hey Mat Pat did you know there's a new Frozen 2 trailer that was released yesterday? It starts pretty much like the first one but trust me it get's way different!

Roblox Anthony24

first one to reply is gao

Hernan Aguilar Jr

Good video and the song you guys picked my favourite.

Lily's little corner


Molly Ebert

I like some of your content, but honestly, it just feels like you’re trying to justify what this guy did. It feels like you’re trying to justify cheating. You can’t justify cheating. It’s just not ok. And that’s from a nonreligious point of view. I feel like you did this in another video. Remember the girl who’s parents had additional partners despite being married? How she was abused by her parents, the pain and confusion she had to feel.... And then after all the pain and abuse, she acts like having an open relationship is ok? It’s sick. Not just that. Think of the psychological damage kids in families like that have. I guess if the parents don’t have kids, by all means, go ahead and do whatever.

zulaika maslinda

The girl is super annoying