Levanto mis manos music nzqa music


Levanto mis manos

video musical

Roblox king Noob

Ok and why should anybody care


This is the amount of times Jenifer said thank you 😂

Jeremiah Chavez

how old are you

Lalithamma Bk

Mine is Barca


you must film in India next!!!


Me when my friends call me ugly



Alexandru Mihai Demsa

#YIAYjob of course she gets paid to watch shrek 5 spoilers everyday

Daisy Ramirezestrada

Imagine This:

Ed Hart

I love it


Are a u a kiding a me

Lanie Espera


A Russian from CS:GO

new pfp ^.^


When me and my friend went to the shining house no lie there were 2 protectrons side by side as we entered the maze and they attacked us... I hoped it was intentionally put in but apparently not! we just got lucky I guess!

Cierra Convis

Here before 1M views!

Finley Cadet

But the video is AWESOME


3.3 M yeey

Hair is Just Dead skin Cells

mitchel davis

Next video at the cardinals football stadium

This thing called anxiety makes you wanna quit everything and anything that could have a slight chance of going wrong


I have depression due to issues at home, it started when my father choked my mother and I was young.. All I could do is just scream and pull him with all my strength. I can't get any help at all. I live under a strict family and even if you wanna cough at midnight you'd mostly get punished.. Plus what makes me more hurt is that my friend said he got depression over his favorite Idol, after wards when I cutted myself I told him. He said ' I don't care anymore I don't have any depression anymore lmao ' it hurted ME. I couldn't take it anymore. I ended our friendship months ago, I don't have any regrets. I like to keep myself online so I can express myself as I have to wear a mask everytime I go offline.

Tania Mara Campos Reis

Quadras, garrafões, cestas, rua, basquete, esporte, educação física e transpiração.

Exo Cat

They should film at DIsneyland

Friendly neighbourhood Jamie

the A113 has appeared in american dad simpsons and other animations aswell. it is a refrence to a animation class or somthing

Dennis Dolmatov


Totoposh Animates

Y did his hair go from black to blonde?

ROBERT Jimenez

Wao esta canción es tan yo perdí a la persona que me amaba por estar de orgulloso y al fin y al cabo esta con otro y ahora que se fue es que me doy cuenta de que en verdad la amo no se como yo no me Di cuenta a tiempo ahora sólo me queda pensar en todo y sufrir por estúpido😓😳😭💔

Samiyah Williams

Looking for English comment

Le Kate

You should have watched jaidens newest video

No Land

Aou cuck St sooking yeah you sotally tuck!

shelly martin


Kevin Alfputra

before this, This easter egg got become private right?


My dad smoke too. And my mom told him to stop, my dad said no, he said it because it's not 'cool'