Led Zeppelin,Fleetwood Mac,The Police,Scorpions,Dire Straits,Pink Floyd,Scorpion music nzqa music


Led Zeppelin,Fleetwood Mac,The Police,Scorpions,Dire Straits,Pink Floyd,Scorpion

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Water Skype

you should be NBA players


Who is watching in 2017? And you guys are amazing keep up the work 1 like = 1 meal

Blaine A. Dedam

I'm actually surprised that Blizzard haven't referenced any of their own games yet in this game. Like Starcraft, Hearthstone, Diablo, or Overwatch.

Ethan Mcconnell

dude perfect

Elizabeth Vinson ASMR

Perhaps the family could start adopting because the mom has the recessive gene for cf and there’s like a 25% chance that each kid will inherit it.

GabrielPlayz JhedPlayz

Team blue go!

No loot.

Izzy- bella

Reasons why I hate Christians:

Helperino Kripperino

I was really confused about #10. Had to read it a couple of times before I understood lol.

PigBoss Mark4o


Mat Senyum

Yeay Avoidant

William Morgan

The pink floyd one made my mind blow

Sweet D

This is me, when I'm defending myself form my family who are forceing me to marry. But I want to to earn & become self-dependent. Sadly I've no one on my side. BUT JUST LIKE HER I'LL SHUT THE BIG MOUTHS MY SOCIETY TOO!!!!! I'M IN COLLEGE & JUST TRUNED 18 & ONLY 1 YEAR, TILL MY GRADUATION, THEN I'LL GET A JOB & BECOME SUCCESSFUL, BEING SINGLE.


i try

does Dude Perfect live in a mansion

crazy fanliy tanya and tamir


Youtube Advisor

Who else can't wait for Frozen 2

Luke Smith

He is so awesome


Wiggle (My friend says she's Draco Malfoy 😑)

Sakura Paws

I was really confused by the thumbnail.

So after 12 years living in that country, we moved to a country that is known as Finland. the language was very hard to learn, everything was new. i was not comfortable. seeing people with different hair colours, new words, new weathers etc. when i turned 13, i was starting to have this, anxiety and depression attack because of the new things and school projects and other issues. I know everyone always say "13 years old dont have depressions" but i did. i had to see 2 therapists in a year, nurses from mental illness hospital, psychologists. On valentine 2018, i was hurt. depression attacked me. i went to shower because i thought i could calm myself down. but i cut myself instead Yelling but WHYYYYYYYYYYYYY!

Coloncho Morgan


Elva Lemus


ViZu Restart

merry christmas guru


Hot damn is this game easy on the eyes


The Animations too Each story are Always Awesome! 💛

Raja Gem


Life lesson

Jacob Yates


Lazu Pro Bernhartd

my faborite part is The filling

Laura Tepper

3:42 so much karma

(͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)"

Berkay Şahin


R Alba

she did the right thing cheating is just shit like if ur gonna cheat just break up with the person you are currently with so it could hurt less!

Svein Ormstad

Shock Ty again!

ItsZGamer 7

Chris Paul doesn’t like to stop at a gas station at night becaus his grandfather was murdered right after scholar ship to basketball