La canción mas Hermosa y triste del mundo ..😭💕 vns music music


La canción mas Hermosa y triste del mundo ..😭💕

Luis Alexander

Im in indonesian

Sam Zombiekiller1980

I think it was 10 bouces and I have been watching since they started

Day Nation

some people make us cheerleaders look so bad and rude🤦🏽‍♀️

Jesse Drew

How is the pander


Whyyyy? xD

Nolan Ivan

kawhi leonard is a system player accdg to KD

pikagirl TL

"My grades improved"

Aurora Sabrina MJ


łøser_ Jasmine

Her:all I could see was raindrops

Logan Studstill

4:38 the target switched colours mid air

Judith Frigillana

Tyler's drone is so fast


Hey i am from Germany and i love your videos

Anna Weddle

The chiefs need him

dipaw syndicate

where did you find these Easter Eggs Do you Ask The Developer Or Something (Please Reply)

The Guesser

yeet emoji 23

"Life was finally getting better for us." The nerd

Everybody Be Guccified

How many subscribers did yall have in this video?

Wesley Lin-Gracey

where's the purple hoser?

Patricia Swanson

Team coby You are my favorite

Madhumita Dutta

6:07 Charles Xavier


almost 2 days later and its still trending!!! Currently at #34 in the UK damn



Reyna Barrozo

I play lacrosse

Faris Tan

and all u people actualli believe its true...lolx

The folafal Waffle

I’ve never been more confused


Ship these guys to Iraq and give them some grenades...

Ridho Dinata

It was scared shit out of me when i saw the last video, the reverse sound. OMG!

I was going to Starbucks with My dad and he bought a café late for me and they asked for My name we Said ”Sebastian” cause that is my name and right after that I receive my cup and it says “Sernando” me and my dad laughed all the way back home

Punishment teaches people to accept consequences young. Not doing so creates worthless millennials, and future convicts. First off, I am not transgender myself, just because I am defending people that are doesn't mean I am. Some people have assumed I was because I was defending them but I have done research instead of making assumptions so with the information I've gotten from various sources online I will explain being transgender.

Erik Fehr

3:15 Joe Santagato's brother!

the dad is threatening the bio-mom to not see her kid.

I put her face on my wood like a totem pole (Goddamn) This is Magic.

Jonathan Llerena


yashraj berry

He fell doen

Then went him forth, our king comely,