La Arrolladora - Que me Vas a Dar (en el Nokia) kxc music music


La Arrolladora - Que me Vas a Dar (en el Nokia)


im trying not to get my hopes up over that portal easter egg but 😲😲😲

Dude Stupid


Olli Aulner

It looks like Cody has a SwaggerSouls helmet


The intro is very moist

bos cot

I love the rage monster

Aliyah Dombroski

ok I hate bullying

Joe Abougosh

Dude Perfect Is Cool

Peter junior Williams


Experiment Experience

Hey dude perfect do skateboard tricks please #🐼

xDestroyer x

You forgot the Breaking Bad reference. 


Am I the only one who sees a name of a character from Red Dead Redemtion on Jimmys shirt?

Gamer Rawat

Love your video

Just Browsing

I am too honest! sorry...

Mia Greer

I am so sorry about your husband.


It's a... sea horse. By the way at 1:21...WHITE ALBUM!!!!! GENTLY WEEPS!

Don’t mind me Just passing through

That princess bride scene always scared the shit outta me as a kid

Hi I'm high. I lied.

Do they feed you? Do they give you a roof to live under? Do they give you something to drink? Oh... yes? I see. So, wtf are you angry at them? They love you and care for you. You should be so greatful for what they did for you. It doesn’t matter what skin colour you are or what cultural you have. If they love and care for you then they are your family. They are supportive of you. I hope he sees that now.




Jus means more money for them 🤷🏽‍♂️

Justin Del valle

I only play 2 times a week lol and my brother also

İbrahim Yahya Koç


Dizzy Kitty

On October 16 my cat died, his name was Sam and he was 8 years old, He was hit by what was possibly my school bus and I had no idea, He just went outside one night alive and... Never came back 😭


Anyone else hella confused from the title??


Siii!! por fin para Android!! :D

Q Miles

I got that ball the blue and white one

Me interrupts "So guys, you know im just going to leave you guys... whispers alone... whispers quietly by yourselves... cough runs of peeking trough the corner waiting for something to happen

Tim Is Best

The shining

Venom_ TheNintendoNerd

1:18 trump... is dat u?

I didn't know what to write


Can someone explain the reason of number 3?

Jessica Wilkins

Davidthe I Videos you’re not born


I accidentally clicked this video without finishing the game, but luckily i stopped at the 29th second when i realized that an incoming spoiler missile is heading my way.

Hilton Feng

1:07 when you see a bear

manal fawzy

tyler is the best.he win in allllllll the time


That simpsons one was gold

bolt kat

if roclstar games makes pokemon

NHL Bros

Im the my baad guy