Karaoke You Make Me Feel Brand New - The Stylistics * vns music music


Karaoke You Make Me Feel Brand New - The Stylistics *

Download MP3: Online: This version contains a low volume vocal guide to help you learn the song. The karaoke version without the vocal guide is available on www.karafun.com. This recording is a cover of You Make Me Feel Brand New as made famous by The Stylistics - This version is not the original version, and is not performed by The Stylistics. This instrumental/playback version contains a vocal guide, the lyrics and backing vocals.All the assets on KaraFun channels are used by permission under licensing agreement with rights holders (music composition, sound re-recording).

my eyes are just pissing.


that was amazing.I could never do that.

Abused Satan

yay new video


you forgot the icon of sin reference in the first hell level,its how you get the mini figure for that level. Its a ref to DOOM 2's final boss.



anthony dipiazza

Do Julio Jones or Calvin Ridley

Abegail Mayuga


"Same with me, except all that and more. I literally separate EVERY room or EVERY object I'm ever in / on into 4 corners, and slide my feet / hands / etc. towards the corners of the room, where I like to think it goes up the corner and into the center of the room and stops (despite how stupid that sounds it satisfies me), and in the case of rugs, towards the center of the top of the rug as that's where the "ceiling" of the rug is. I do this a certain number of times, but it can ONLY be 4 x (number), not anything else, preferably an exponential like 4, 16, 64, 256, etc. Sometimes I'll do a 2 per corner but that's only because it adds up to 8, which is a fine number as you can get 4 from it, but anything else is off limits. I think the highest I've went is when I pushed in each corner of my closet door for 2048 times, which is 8192 in total. At some points I don't know why, but if I don't do it, I feel fucking horrible and get headaches, nauseous, light headed, and anxious, and it's awful. I think this is the first time I've actually told anyone the symptoms of this, should I get this checked out? Is this a serious case? I don't think so but I don't know, what would I even know? There's also a pretty large chance I've got autism, either that or I just show almost all the signs and am just absolutely god awful at social activity and normalities, such as eye contact and speaking to strangers without freaking the fuck out, and being an overall ultra introvert, but I don't know what the medications will be like and do so I don't know if I should go in to get it checked out."

William Moss

jesus that first throw to his head had some heat on it


do they make these one shot? if so....david stern needs to know

Pope Francis vs Ghandi

Angel Franco



Well...his wife let him do this to her...otherwise he wouldn't have done it in the first place...

TTV_ Pringles


Leo K

Your sick I love your videos

The fire Burns

I thought it said “selling our baby for the first time”

Kimberly Ploucha

I feel so bad for you. I literally watched the whole vid. You said something that WARMED my heart. Thank you. ❤️❤️

Me: the f*ck? a new video from kidguru!

Curtis Styles

6:10 is me😂😂😂

iso Maniac

I can’t wait for borderlands 3 to come out

Emilio Caro

that was a nice little short video

zinedine bentahar


Noël Hasler

This fucking video is awsome

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what lad

you forgot the tardis easteregg on google street view

Michael Slaughter

765 people live in the u.k

Sean Grewal


ed fred

You'll eventually have kids. 😂

Yemina Tejeda Angeles

The strikes

Zachary Stuecker


Master of YouTube

Who would ever dislike this video


3:02 Is he going to eat the goat? EXALENT!!!

Homza ali

Do last to stop eating gushers wins 10,000 $

Super Mario Logan

Go out one minute and go two times speed

Titan Slayer

That’s means Deadpool and Daredevil is being introduce