Justin Bieber - What Do You Mean lyrics music abstract music


Justin Bieber - What Do You Mean lyrics

new song from justin bieber what do you mean enjoy


Kim jong un

Seth Bryant

1:15 Did anyone else see that purple cup that was hit but didn’t fall off?

poptarts savage


Somshubhro Mukherjee

Hey man, could you make the 'w' in Fun with Guru, an uppercase one? Fun With Guru's more closer to the original imo.


there probably is more Easter Eggs in the game but since its such a big game who knows how long it will take for people to find them

Suzette Schueler

Dude perfect should make a new series like “dude almost perfect”, but it’s behind the scenes and stuff accept its their fails. Like if u agree

gHoSt Chester


Kyuwon Yeom

really want to watch and see the panda reveal

BedRoom Comics Inc.

I never knew about the cod ones. And the witch in payday I need to tell my friend so I can scare the crap out of him.


how much money does it cost to get a big ass jumbo 757 plane and do like a million takes to get one shot??

John Adams

Rose STARter

It has been a while since I've gotten excited over a YouTube book. This is it, I am officially excited.

Esai Aviles

There's actually a multiplayer mod for this if anyone was wondering

Dianne Bailey

I wish that your channel was the only one invented

Dew The Dew

I shouldve done my make-a-wish like this but I did a room make over which burned down sadly

مهيمن المالكي

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Amal Jo Aji

I love u guys......Great going guys......Love you all

Carlos GC

For real though, the NBA should expand to Mexico City or Monterrey, it would be a huge success!

Drink me if u Watched Jacob satorios

I know the mob of the dead

Too bad since I am extremely skeptical of the legitimacy of any of these vids.

Pufferfish Pufferfish

I am the rage monster

the ocelot

3:44. no comments.


정국아 사랑해

Анна Ковалева

Кто из 2019?




I wanna play this game but the last scene makes me think this will be sorta scary experience

Dutch Van der linde

95% comments are talking about phones

yesenia pombo


Dalton Steinke

nice vid i always likew to watch your football vids because they are just epic and sick

Gavla Tennis

Okay, some of this is inappropriate eg. forcing himself onto women, names like Pussey Galore, but much of it is brilliant eg. giving the shoes to her in the bathtub! :-D

vaghela vishal



Thank you keep it up

Big Brown Bear

I still play with fidget spinners 

Basically Frost

Guru you make the best videos

Don john

This guy would have been an awesome cricket spjm bowler. Trust me.


Once again, another great video as usual. Also can you tell me where that bonus simpsons video is? you really hide it well.

•Itz Rico•

When you get good grades it shows your parents that you have work hard to pass and your family will be happy for you.

Eric Cartman

#12 on trending street

Courtney Neff

Who is the panda

Miles Mares

LEGENDS aren't born They're made

Cole 4.0

after a minute of dialogue between church and an obvious elite voice

flash 8w9

Toronto blue jays

Eloise Newman

What to do when your MAD:Throw the expensive patio chair over a wall.😏1:32


Overwatch Maniac

Giant omelette