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Jonas Brothers - Sucker

Sucker (Official Video)Get "Sucker" Now: with Jonas Brothers:Director: Anthony MandlerVideo Producer: Richard FentonVideo Editor: Taylor Wardfor Blackhand CinemaMusic video by Jonas Brothers performing Sucker. © 2019 Jonas Brothers Recording, Limited Liability Company, under exclusive license to Republic Records, a division of UMG Recordings, Inc.


Cerrone should have used his leg kicks more. Also probably should have taken more time since last fight.

mark fitzsimmons

when would coby win again

Courtney Albright

You guys got the ghost!?!

Lewis Falconer

I don't not get monster house joke

Ilgaz Kabasakaloğlu


Lil-mini tay cool dood

Next: My 21 year old mom is actually my newborn baby and became my boyfriend then wife!

What a horny kid :P


Funniest vid I’ve seen in a while

Reegan Edwards

Real medrid Ronaldo

Fedra Billiot

Why is Tyler the show off

Katie Irvine

I love yous


I wonder how many takes they have to do for each stunt?

I'm nobody

Can you do a video where you shave youe beard or mustache but as you doing it it grows back fast in the mirror and you act like you don't understand. I think you could execute that well.

Oh no wait she’s serious.

Eyyy Ams

don't let your meme be dream and i donald trump

Nikon Whites Assistant

In the Witcher 3 there’s an npc that looks like the hound or whatever his name is😂

All in One



So many id soft!

ash •

I have social anxiety, so this was so beyond relatable. I've literally had this happen to me before. Not this exact situation, but it makes it so damn hard to date or even make friends. It's hard to go out WITH PEOPLE in public some days.

_xXx_Elina Gacha_xXx

My family is from china


this was made 4 years ago and there is still no letter b video.


mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm k

Орлиное око

12:03 brutal

The guy who is afraid of Cats and dogs


Do video game refferences to doctor who

Bill Tomo

Onestly the LEGO walk would be easy to breaksorry ty

Berelim gomez

there cristan like me thay rock GODS NOT DEAD

Travis Hogland

and i want to be a famus personal dirt bike rider like him


Geez, and I thought I knew all the Easter Eggs. How many Eggs can Google possibly hide?



bodo amatlah


Aspaztastic Rat

Cobys first win because Cobys my man

мой один год проходит скучнее, чем у них одно видео

Daniel Silva

I love my Xbox but sometimes.... ugh....

Cold Ham on Rye

haha I love all the triggered anit-feminists guys in the comments

peter stuart

This was


Question:.You're favorite game? Favorite type of music and band? Favorite video you've uploaded? And is my name interesting?

Gilberto San juan

I💖 love cody

The K4 Show

How can you be disappointed when every time steph kicks it out from a trap you pass it to iggy draymond looney cousins they pass it up or miss badly. Curry should easily averaging damn near Trip Dub if iggy n draymond n cousins make perimeter shots the series would be 2-2 IMO. Kawhi or Sakiam are really playing safety type defense because no one can shoot. It’s very easy to double curry when no once is a threat offensively curry n klay can’t win 2v5 just my opinion

Rebecca Robles

My aunts baby boy was born yesterday at 3:00am and he was born 2 months early because he was supposed to be born in July but he is still in hospital I think so I don’t know how he is because I didn’t get a chance to see him : (

Aaron Smith

pause it at 2:50 and the guy on the board to the right is looking at him like "Whatchu doin'?"


Oh look the champion has a charzard.

adrià espejo cubero

number 4 xD

Mitchell Milun

She is a housewife, doing the dishes and struggling to survive as you fail to make a living.