Jewe Negash(Rasta)"Ezom Tegaru Eziatom_ New Ethiopian Tigrigna music 2019 (official video) music vizazi music


Jewe Negash(Rasta)"Ezom Tegaru Eziatom_ New Ethiopian Tigrigna music 2019 (official video)

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Please make a video with Liverpool FC


Bruh Middle School is like this now

Human Man

Giant monsters are huge now. With Godzilla returning, Pokémon’s gigamaxing, and now frozen 2 with giant trolls!


Wonder if the shopping cart idea came from Jim Carey in the bad batch... 🤔

Papa Kepler

That was on the last one

Fish pancake

Anna: "I won't let anything happen to her"Elsa: Literally about to die

Girija Sankar Panda

Thnx for the jumpscare line dude

level : maximiliouses slaves

Is this lightning ?

rajdeep kaur

Giant Nerf blaster trick shot



I know this is bad but I can't miss an opportunity..."I felt his cold knife on my neck"

Abby Hansen

I love that u guys did a re cap vid of your first one sorry about all the dislikes those people have no taste in good video-tri

Steven Williams

I remember watching this in 2015 lol

Renegade Bond

Outcome-Train go boom

j v

She is hot

Arman John Mercado

You should do the easter egg id the Strange Man's house and the painting, and i also look forward to an All easter eggs vid, pls :'>

Aden Manuel

I don't like Cody because he makes fun of coby

Ashley Batke

Like my comment if you hate middle school

Lorna M Iglesia


Lionheart Mind Explosion

My 1st RPG love, I love this so so much... YES! OMG WOW:)

Nawal Adil

Tax is wild in LA


Who voice acts iron man?

Aaron John

Why did I tear up a little while I watched the trailer? ConfusedThat background score tho ❄️ 🤯

Samantha Shell

I really wish it was a blind taste test. We already know you both love outback. Still a good episode though.

Jimin Biggest fan

Girl how old was u


rolling stones? awesome

2 Wheel Addiction

More like Tom Baby and the deflatritriates

Momina Moin

Pourtugal or argentina

Please pin this😂❤️

Eric Balla-Sangucho


Jaycob Walker

3:59 just move

Triff Mangle Slip

Losers complaining about another 9/11. Get over it, I bet some of you weren't even old enough to even remember what you were doing that day...let alone even born yet sour pusses.

All I can think about is how I could be better so that my boyfriend would talk to me more, since we have a long distance relationship!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


What about the Slenderman easter egg?

Master sonicfan

when it was my BDay I thought da bday scene just happens now I figured out when I set it up my bday triggers a bday scene on da game. Wow! Like social media!

Zac Williams

that was sick

Shannon Lynn

I feel like Halle Berry is a rare gem for talking about boob sweat whilst still being so elegantly charming.

Alex Danopoulos

The scientists used dittos ability to shape shift to copy mew and create mew 2


Who’s watching in 2019?


did anyone notice the video is nine minutes and 11 seconds long? subtle reference my boi


who plays lacrosse

Gavriel Martinez

Evrything happens here first 9/11 now a helicoptor crash and alot more

Liam Jones

You didnt include the Ice World achievement, where you can find a frozen island with a polar bear, penguins and narwhals


I don't understand why you condemned to bullying... I understand that she maybe lazy but at the same time you should try to talk her to help no matter how many times you need to tell her that. Guys. Please don't bully and help others if they are being bullied...