Janet Jackson - Dammn Baby (Music Video) music abstract music


Janet Jackson - Dammn Baby (Music Video)

The new album UNBREAKABLE available now. iTunes: Amazon: Official Webstore: Connect with JANET:

Gregster aka GG

Dude perfect is running out of ideas for videos



غانم الشلوي



Hahahaha Hilarious!


The sequence at 4:30 is very well put together.

bilal denizhan



0:02 it doesn't even hit anything! Like if u don't see it hit anything

Sia Bot CNH

Happy Birthday COBY and CODY

Franz Family

2019 anyone

magic and games

I have seen a video with a person driving a real car on water and got across the lake without drowning

mandie sayavedra

3:26 not stable


Best siak wuuu😶😶

Magic Chowder

He looks amazing


Girl... I think that dude wants to be more than just your buddy 🤔

Swank Man

2019 lols anyone


I love how coby is always positive

sf_shadow_funtime foxy

I'm crying so much :'(

kolbie's corner

I think I'm the only one here who does not like annie

Diego Mercado


Gavin H

Bring back stereotype series

Noah Bogoski

Also I am a lazy coach

Luxar Embrin

I thought the targets would trickshot them



Luigi Cannova

white sox


The fact that her father saved her is proof that men are good. Feminists are trying to say that that's false, but that's because all feminists hate men for no reason.

Bam Stinson

No one can, nor will ever throw lik Brees

Ken Ken

everyone is a winner not a losser


this channel needs better music

Fire Spirit

Who else came here to find out what the foster parent did?

Rita Tran

You sound like a freaking five year old in the beginning.

Gabriel Jackman

Pray for kd everyone out and the warriors better win also become champs just everybody out there pray for kd out there so he can become stronger just believe in yourself warriors and takedown we the north raptors and become champ for kd

Roy Meier

Cory won

Orlando Michaca

I’m done with finals tests finally ☺️

xD Jaideep

Team garret

FF Vexilar

Plz make a video with Everson Griffen from the Vikings that would be funny AF

That Gamer Gabe


hit or miss

Hit or miss

Eduardo Marquez

Hey guru, if you put in youtube: niño loco aleman (that mean in spanish: deutch crazy kid) you gonna see a kid with a rage over 9000 and is so funny

Fdl Mosa

Song name plz!

Olivia Hafner

I love the black and white t-shirt. Perfect fit and really complements his fur. He instantly carried himself differently. Chopped off at least 3 years! JUST FAB!!!

Mr. Josh

Can you please make your videos longer

Alrik Karlsson

nr 1 troll of 2016!



Great idea. Looks devine.

xd Finiminter12

I generally thought this was real

LittleMissMills Games123

Nah I’m legit eating while eating this. 😂

Julian Vidovic



You're an absolute legend for cutting the noise. But meh... even as a baby, I know it ain't shit if ain't on steam. They can go sell their ad-service somewhere else, I'm not paying for the privilege of a platform (even if they do throw in the b-squad of PC gaming for 'free'). They need to GTFouta here with that hot garbage.