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Jack & Jack - No One Compares To You

Our debut album ‘A Good Friend is Nice’ Featuring 'No One Compares To You' is available now: Music video by Jack & Jack performing No One Compares To You. © 2018 Island Records, a division of UMG Recordings, Inc.

Joyce Foyere

Like for the sake of liking


Fun Fact: The creator of Sailor Moon is the wife of the creator of Hunter X Hunter so the first one makes sense

Faisal Rahma



Published on my birthday.. Nice..

Alon Schwartz

Who's watching after he quit football

Jayden Padilla

How's everybody this damn early

Fábio Calixto


hoe wtf did you say

No one:Disney: yes


2:20 that's what she said

The Short Family

I forgot that some white girls get mad if they have an A- or an B that is not bad 🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄

There isn't any bigger pain then seeing those in your family suffer ...

Rubiks Donkey

0:36 it should be called the alley-oop

Lynn Salazar

Now tha is kol

Anthony Got the memes


Samuel Richards

WHY HAS THERE NEVER BEEN A CARIBBEAN HOT SAUCE?! Its literally the home of the scorpion and scotch bonnets. GET THAT BAJAN SAUCE ON THE LINEUP 💪 the. Best. Sauce. (hot ones excluded)

Justin The coolest

I’d love a donut 🍩

Ronaldo Voss

New York

Stacey Ccarmack

Me too


your mean

c smith


Magic Creek Gacha :3

*a guy that asked me out calls you fat and ugly*


of course its fake


Watching this everywhere. They only make good songs 🤩😭😭😭

TheNotoriousVIC ._.

It’s not a secret anymore


the skyrim one really got me XD

Mega Evolution + Dynamax = 💣💥💀

Farida El-sayed

How Ethan was obsessed with the T-rex sprinkler is super cute❤

Mert Choudhury

Whenever you make an Easter egg episode for horror games I always think your going to scare us at the end of each video

Chris Todd

Imagine if with the first opening trick shot if the cameraman forgot to turn the camera on and they had to reset the whole thing😅

Mac Jay

That goalpost 😂😂😂


I clicked because of MC:SM in the thumbnail.


Have you ever thought of making a video with references in movies, toward video games? Also, great video! I'm really liking how you also include the scenes in the movies!

Patty Mundo

I want a jacket boo . something to remember you by...🌺😍💖💖💋

[Pre-Chorus: Chris Brown]

So Majesticals

This is tragic as all heck. I’m so sorry for this poor girl and her sister a cousin to go through all that.

Michael Lewandowski


Caden Johnson

Guys y’all are some of my heroes and my dad is bill Johnson and he used to coach chad when chad did track and y’all are the best


This is beyond science.


The Mirror's edge easter egg's song is so calming :)

Elizabeth Schuyler _

I got it at 2:44 when they did his hair lmao. i was wondering why he sounded so heartless saying stuff like “kindness is weakness” and “my brother was too much of an idiot to take over the family business”