Indian Flute Music for Yoga: Bansuri music, Instrumental music, Calming music, Yoga music vns music music


Indian Flute Music for Yoga: Bansuri music, Instrumental music, Calming music, Yoga music

NuMeditationMusic youtube channel is devoted to create a new collection of LONG MEDITATION MUSIC videos for you to relax and enjoy in your daily meditation. In our channel you will find MUSIC playlists dedicated to BINAURAL BEATS, CHAKRA MEDITATION, BUDDHIST MEDITATION and SHAMANIC MEDITATION. Our goal is to enhance your experience of MEDITATION, ASTRAL PROJECTION, LUCID DREAMING and DEEP SLEEP. Check out our selection of PLAYLISTS:CHAKRA MEDITATIONScollection of chakra meditations for balancing & healing all the chakras (Root, Sacral, Solar Plexus, Heart, Throat,Third Eye and Crown chakra). This playlist also includes Healing meditations.MONK CHANTS & MEDITATION BACKGROUNDScollection of Buddhist Meditation Music for Positive Energy. These mixes are very peaceful and include monk chants of buddhist monks. We also use Tibetan Singing Bowls and these mixes are influenced by Zen Meditation Music.ASTRAL PROJECTION & SPACE MUSICgreat resource for Lucid Dreaming and Astral Projection. The influences of this playlist come from relaxing ambient music, space music and binaural beats. This is also a sleep music playlist.BINAURAL BEATS & MEDITATION MUSICuse binaural beats several times for this kind of sleep meditations. Our music is also written with the Sacred Solfeggio Frequencies like the powerful 528 Hz. These frequencies will induce deep states of relaxation and the binaural beats will stimulate deep meditation states.SHAMANIC MEDITATION MUSIClove shamanic music, specially Tuvan Throat Singing and Native American Shamanic Music. These healing meditation tracks will definitely take you on a spiritual journey.20 MINUTES MEDITATIONSare simple meditations for beginners or when you don't have much time to meditate. We include Mindfulness, Zazen and Awareness meditations in these mixes.====================SUBSCRIBE! NEW VIDEOS COMING SOONyoutube channelCONNECT!Nu Meditation Music--mission is to write music that can impact you in a positive way because we believe music can change people's lives! We hope you enjoy, and we hope to connect with you again in the near future!"Track Name: MandalaAlbum: Indian FluteArtist: NuMeditationMusicBuy the album on Google Play


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