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How Avengers Endgame Should Have Ended

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Hugh Bakel

They should shoot a blitz ball!!!!


I'm early because I love your videos and your editing.


Did this vlog, just insult me ? I feel hella poor

Javier Beristain

México wey! :')

i beg for you to h8 me :3

Damn i was about to cry so i ran to the bathroom



Lexie Aguilar

i became an orphan overnight both of my parents dies in a motorcycle accident, if you don't believe me look up kenny and aubrey mounteer on google or YT

Noah Hefner

Giv away a gun

Jean Christie

9:55 I wouldn't mind opening to an elevator like that XD



sarah farmer

what a over dramatic whinger you are i have this too live with it people have far worse

Gore *



O fuck i didn't watched the vid yet and then i realized that there was battlefield 1943 :P soz guru lol

Hope that cleared it up for anyone who didn’t know what was happening! _


2:34 ashton kutcher?

Aware _SpitFite


Terrence Thomas

Keep your head up J. Stone your bru still riding with you

Anthony Marquez

I am a Patriots fan to

Aizat Zahari

You're all are different dudes..haha

x L M A O x

Well I just learned that I have this disorder 😶


Best office ever!


The Excalibur sword is from sword art online.