NEW Hailo Belly Dance 2018 - The Best Musically Compilation music zcc female choir music


NEW Hailo Belly Dance 2018 - The Best Musically Compilation


Shivi Shivi

I'm the anxious and he's the avoidant


Before I Watched This I Wanted 2 Kids.. Now... I’ll Just Get A Doggy.😄

Daniel Tuliau

is panda the same person every time

Michael Mclellan

Rich kid games

Krishna Last name

No offends I hate harry potter

jenny clasgens

ah corbin bleu performed tehehehe

Hashem Alturk


Chloe: cries *


vat ists music


Donald trump has entered the chat

shrugs not this time Hamilton

Kmoney3 Vlogs

The giants

Nicole Black

Wow. I'm speechless 😯 Can't wait for the movie to premire. Anyone getting the feeling there are others like her, but different elements? Where my Rotbtd people at😏

Thomas Nguyen

The dab tho


Krishnakumar E

Man the people who disliked this video are just total douche bags. What is there to dislike in this video. It’s just beautiful. 1 like = 1 prayer to Dylan the man

I dont know but I do know thateverytime i go out I just feel like I want to die people get mad at me everytime I do something and the fact is Im only 10 I hate that because i try to stand up to them but Im to scared at school I act like Im fine Im happy Im OK ...Im not Im just not funny cool Im just ugly I say I love myself when I hate myself Im the most ''popular'' girl in school half the class jokes around like ''haha your ugly Jk'' then goes back to their freind says something like ''Not'' and because of that I say Im stupid everytime I do something wrong So can someone please try to answer my question

Latif Agha

Please do it now


2019 ? Xd

Bigdaddy Trey

Corey looks tired

Dave Schneider


Your crying 😭😭😭

Bhat Eymaan

I'm proud of your decision

Carter Beauchamp

So cool! Me and my brother wish we could go on that.


The amount of stuff going on in my head, it’s surprising that I’m still considered sane. I’ve had depressing especially since third grade and that was when it was worst. I had to take anti-depressants which led to a loss of appetite so some people made fun of me for being “too skinny” which didn’t help anything. Now a days it’s bipolar disorder (bipolar depression), with anxiety, OCD, ADD, panic attacks, and some other stuff I don’t feel like getting into. It also doesn’t help that I have a really bad stutter when it comes to talking about personal stuff so communicating about it is out of the question.

Kyoka Jiro

YouTube : sees dis

Sydney Biebert

You smell like Betty Crocker!

Tony Khoo

Jump scare at 2:43

Ella Macphee

Take as much time as you need

Oscar Hedenberg

you guys are gonan keep miking this ping pong thing arent you.


30 seconds into the video I already wanna slap the dude

kkgamer lets have fun

My grandmom died of cancer

Donovan Gaming

Im the only one in 2018 Lol btw i luv ur vids

Cynical Demon

Tiny Tina and Doctor Zedd better be in it!

Jaden Moreno

It's a boy I betttt