Clean Bandit - Symphony (feat. Zara Larsson) [Official Video] music wme music


Clean Bandit - Symphony (feat. Zara Larsson) [Official Video]

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Keefe Guadeloupe


Leslie Rodriguez

Who else thinks lele is pretty i like = 1 agree

Woolly Cow

Who are the kids?

Igor Blyat

Absolute superhuman

sophia playz

She Looks like Uraraka A Little bit

Orvalina Augusta

Man, I want so much to read that book, but I live in another country


I got the godfather easter egg before you finished digging the grave just because of the guy having a pillow with him haha, nice video as always Guru, your videos are always a treat.

Nathan Daniel

first easter egg lol.

Ulises Hermosillo

If you go to the clock tower when you have the hacking tool you can hack something that will reveal the batgirl suit

Ashton Klimchuk

Noob gaming at the museum ya


“St. Louis” rams LA rams

Akther Sherif

Coby will never win any battle or by luck he can


Play station will never have a franchise like Halo to give them extra clout. I swear just going to buy the halo bundle just because this halo about to be insane

Alliny Goncalo

3:30 when I see my sister waking up from a 10 hour sleep

Little me crying on the inside, Older me crying on the outside.

👇Who's next cmnt Bellow


Guess im reacting to this tommorow


I found an Easter egg to Far Cry 3. Lord scourge at one point says that "repeating a foolish action and expecting a beneficial result is a sign of insanity" which is similar to the quote from Vaas

Mythical Mew

what will happen when Tyler is selected for wheel unfortunate?! He's the host!?

Zak Sharaz

1:46 the rage monster has killed 2 people

Carlota Valero


Racoon’De’ Coral

so thats why i got so many side's?!

Merpp :P

I could hear her crying

kory loveless

tom brady

Boys only with Jake!!

2:10 awesomely bad


Mr . Tyler who in the custom of panda?

Xx Y zZ

do easter egg at the walking dead game season 1,2 ;)

Player A: Dynamax's Tyranitar

Big Back

@kokeonie you're the dumbass, read his comment properly

alex fuentes

me en encanta

Dylan Mooneyhan

Who’s tryna be the GOAT and game share this with me? Ps4 📲 I’ll shall return the favor with lots of love ❤️

Fantajah Mcdonald

why it's so lame

Chris Perry

It's #1 on trending because twice after 20 minutes of music youtube auto sent me here.



BTS Rose kpop a fan

Next title : my Great grandmother is me real son

Jacob Kaufman-Ilstrup



ÜÇ TUBE Kanalina abne olu n

Benjamin MacDonald



Please LIST the products you’re wearing and you’re talking about!!!!! Also, FAVORITE SUNLESS Tanners!

ryan bencomo

this is so annoying.

Roberta D'Agostino


Ryeth Nguyen

I think Germany 🇩🇪🇩🇪🇩🇪🇩🇪🇩🇪🇩🇪🇩🇪🇩🇪

Henry Smith

Jeff really gonna make it to the top for being good-looking

Noah Oyler

So sad

Nicolai Halse Gravesen

why is there like a little wind sound every now and then

Aaro Koivisto

Hmmm, really interesting ones of GoT I didn't know about :o Thanks for the video! :)