Sade Greatest Hits Full Album - The Best of Sade music music


Sade Greatest Hits Full Album - The Best of Sade


lol is fake i trough you say you dont post nothing on like facebook

Oe Mund

I can't understand the mother! The same happened to my step daughter and her siblings. But they actually grew up.

Catherine Goodzeit


Goodbye Yeet

Oh... sorry body.... But I have sooo much candy from Halloween?you expect me to let it go to waste?!

did she die or did she decide to "wake up" because of her kids

Charlie Stretch

Long Live Queen Elsa!!! 👑

poop pooped

Me looking at the title,....what's that supposed to mean

Queen Emily

The only one that actually got me was the one where he looks up the attic.

Mega Gamer 2

That batman one scared n me to death

Rozny Betriz Ducanes

When life is anfair god is good

Myriam Baillargeon

How do you do these are some tricks you so cold I want to warn you guys please please can I join join you guys doing Doing perfect can I join you guys please

Comision Evaluadora Cdo Br Mte XII

hola 2019 locooooo

Daniel Paterson

Since this has WoW in it, I need to know something.

Charlotte Small

People who dislike are absolute garbage. YOU PEOPLE ARE DINGUSES!!!!!

My mum had an epidural when she had me and it only worked on one side of her body. Also another risk that comes with it is nerve damage. Some people dont want any pain meds. Each to their own, glad worked for Hila 😊

Shalom Babon

Very awesome

DJ Womack

Yes! Trending!

The reward next to Zelda reward says "World Not Ending 2012"

samler pill

My bf’s dad killed his mom then himself. The grandma separated him from his bro and sis because he was a problem child. He was the only one who witnessed it. Tasted his mother’s blood from the BOOM. He grew up in foster care alone, separated from his family. He has healed through me loving him through thick and thin. He now loves himself. His abandonment issues are gone. He’s the strongest man who’s consistently misunderstood. I’m the only one who’s given him a true chance since he’s push ppl away. I’m happy I did good because it’s been a dollar coaster. We are having a darling child together and no matter what happens between us, I will never take a father from a child and he would never take a mother...


These guys instructors are Gravity and Issac Netwon

Michael Stewart


J Jacobat

Adopt a child lady you would have had a happier life

Dylan Enslow

Johnny your golden ticket on madden mobile is so good

rajesh singh



If you are cheering for red team like reply if blue