Bard Songs - Female Vocals - Medieval Style Music music tcc music


Bard Songs - Female Vocals - Medieval Style Music

Some medieval songs, some modern songs, some fantasy, some covers, so I should probably name this the "I just kinda liked these tracks so I stuffed them all in there playlist". Thanks for the song titles, I borrowed them from the comment section :)0:00 Catherine Howard's Fate by Blackmore's Night 2:31 The Willow Maid by Erutan 8:11 Scarborough Fair/Canticle by Celia Pavey 10:36 Witchery Fate Song by Jean Luc Lenoir 13:18 Watertight by Zero She Flies 15:31 Greensleeves by Rosalind McAllister (Celtic Ladies)18:50 Awaiting by Dracovallis 22:51 The Longing by Storm Seeker (Cover by Patty Gurdy)26:18 Frozen Sleep by Malukah 29:22 Dance Of The Wild Faeries by Wendy Rule & Gary Stadler 33:24 The Wolven Storm (Priscilla's song) by Emma Hiddleston (cover)36:45 Song of The Sea (Lullaby) by Nolwenn Leroy 40:29 The Tale Of The Mad King Thorn by Sharm 42:04 The Swallow by Vivita 44:24 Beauty of Dawn by Malukah 47:52 Hero (Acoustic) by Elizaveta 53:05 Road to Camelot by Enaid 56:45 Lord Randal by Roanoke

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