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Ashman 1234

Is that last one real

Rainii Days

I honestly could not stop laughing at 4:35

Samaya Tate

Done ✅ turned on post notifications

Lauro Aguilar

A knife dosent deserve being stabbed by this bish

ruhan rangoonwala

0:40 very funny


1 like = 1 hug for Chloe

The Self Adjectated Gender

1:07 you can see Sonic The Hedghog right after Q'bert

Arūnas Pupelis

Shots fired

Gael Lopez

Do you have plants vs zombies garden warefare on xbox360 so you and me can play

Erin Chupp


Fungus Humongous

load of bullshit

Parker Tanksley

who watching in 2019


It stresses me out that she just used him for money. Break up. She knew what was going on and she did not change it. There was a problem, covered with paint, and not cement. It angers me how people are like this in reality.

Hunter young09

smash head

Boston Swyer

Shots I mean

Madison Brooks

I know people who call OCD things that aren't OCD are a little annoying sometimes, but people that use "attention seeking"and "child" as insults, or call people who say they may have it edgy or claim they're overblowing it or making it up when you know nothing of thei mental state- those people are 100x worse, and they don't have the excuse of not knowing any better. Perhaps these people who believe they may have it are posting here because they would like to LEARN more about it from people who have it? It's not like you can easily convince someone to take you to mental health professional, not with the stigma. But how dare they try to put a name to something that's been bothering them and affecting their life.