HDMONA - ግደፍ ብ ሳባ ዓንደማርያም Gdef by Saba Andemariam - New Eritrean Music 2019 music nzqa music


HDMONA - ግደፍ ብ ሳባ ዓንደማርያም Gdef by Saba Andemariam - New Eritrean Music 2019

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Teresa Mariela Gauna

Buena musica gatooooo

Σωτηροπουλου Αλεξανδρα

Looks like amazing🤩🤩


I think Resident Evil 5 Lost In Nightmare Easter Egg is way better than the other Resident Evil Easter Eggs. Like if you agree.

Kristin Vu


Saikrishna Karra



hey,i watched all ur vids do u have any new?if u have give me the link


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Noyon Banik

Germany won the world Cup in 2014

Jyri Lundin

Open borders would be a massive disaster just think about 2015 in Europe when a massive number of illegal immigrants from middle east and Africa entered Europe.


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Tomas Expósito

2019: coby's shelf is still empty

David benavidez

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Leo Angelos

Looney is so nice!

Amy Adams

Eiffel tower

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omg this is a great vid bro


"I'm Anna/Ana"

Dana Alassmi


 What you neglected to mention in the video was that during the old times of "open borders" there was no welfare state or safety net. So when people went to foreign lands, you either made your living or you went home. Today, making a living is completely optional. Third-worlders can break into Europe and receive more in welfare than they'd make in a year while working a job back home. The only way we could dissolve our sovereignty without being made extinct in our own lands by the fortune seekers is if we get rid of welfare. Revert back to the old days when immigrants literally had to work and put food on the table or starve to death. This is the only way to ensure they do not flood into a nation in levels exceeding that nation's carrying capacity.


Really awesome video.

The nonoffensive demon unicorn


Johnathan Lay

Why people thinks it's Thai how about Cambodia 😍😍🇨🇷😄 🇰🇭😭


The Last Rebel

Once again perfect sound quality I love your vids ps resident evil 2 is my favorite game of all time

Best friend squad Heart

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Mark Anthony Williams

Animators: So should we make a good trailer that will make people want to watch?Disney:Well yes but actually no

Oliveer Mitteer

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José Alonso

I had this game and i see the weapons they look so diferent than the one i played

Laylah’s Corner ————

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Your Hero

probably my favorite movie mistake is in Saving Pvt Ryan, the whole camera crew can be seen xD

Temi Olagbaju

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XD Kayden

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Not Bowser's Tower.

Dr. Broham

What’s the font you use if you don’t mind me asking?

jktcool gang

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