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Sir Hoodie

2:56 "The combination of the SSD and the solid-state-drive" that has to be the dumbest thing I've ever heard.


I wanna see Elliot from cowboys

Ethan Ferraro

I thaagdsgf7wegf uidtwe98 ft98e


Even the easter eggs of this game are boring being diabetic for me is now just a habit


online shoppingshopping mall

Eraldo Alves de Castro

Meme taztic

Girl, I know what it is like to have best friends that hate eachother😥

Willdawg 00

How long was that because the current record is 112 1/2 ft.


So this is the afterlife that Cayde 6 went to

She cleaned house and didn't even drink anything at all!!!

salsha soleh

is it not from vat19 the cookie glass

Oisin D

Who's your favourite historical figure?

ebin p eldhose

Please do a video with an Indian cricketer.

Aakash Sehrawat

Where are old comments ?


More bromo

갤럭시즈 크GalaxyzCream