Grupo Bryndis - La Última Canción (Video Oficial) music jio app music


Grupo Bryndis - La Última Canción (Video Oficial)

Music video by Grupo Bryndis performing La Última Canción. (C) 2015 Disa Latin Music A Division Of UMG Recordings Inc.#LaUltimaCancion #Vevo #Latin #VideoOficial

Me: buy new one cause ty already used them

Nuka eli07

Those who have ocd

Bernd Udo

Mr. Olivander is the Queen of asmr

Logan Donnelly

This just reminded me that we lost to the patriots 😫😫😫

it me

u guys should add johnnny to the team

Friends friends

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there is no medium in space for sound waves to travel through

Rema Jamil

Thanks for the video, it's really great

WhITe RaBbIt 01 Foggy

Picture says it alll

Luke Shumate

Yeah he will because I am in 2019


i have been board 2008 november 12

Jako Scarnia

Omg.. omg... part 4... YES!


Does anyone still play the division?


#YIAYjob Assistant to the Regional Manager

A random guy on the Internet

At 9:36 im pretty sure it says Croft on the floor from Tomb Raider :D


That intro reminded me of CinemaSins. Anyone else?



What is The song name?


2:17 bottom left, says "GURU"

Haw old


lofi hip hop radio - beats to relax/study to

Ham mond

Where is deji?

I also feel that the artist of this episode captured all of the emotions so well.

harry kuras



Team purple hoser 👊

Also Me: Im Gonna Kick You So Hard In The Balls Your Grandchildren Will Feel It...

Seth Moore

i like how they have to throw the controller