Greates Hits Ost Korean Drama 2017 - The Best Of Sountrack Korean Drama music jio app music


Greates Hits Ost Korean Drama 2017 - The Best Of Sountrack Korean Drama

Tracklist:00:00:00 The Legend of the Blue Sea - Love Story - Lyn (린)00:03:16 The Heirs - Only With My Heart - Lena Park00:07:38 Boys Over Flower OST - Because I'm Stupid - SS50100:11:54 Full House - Sha La La - Song Hye Kyo00:16:11 Secret Garden - That man - Hyun Bin00:20:43 City Hunter - So Goodbye – Jonghyun00:24:53 Strong Woman Do Bong Soon - You're My Garden - Jeong Eun Ji00:28:51 Goblin The Lonely and Great God - Crush – Beautiful00:32:33 The Journey of Flower (Mandarin) - Wei Xinyu – Lovers Heat 00:35:54 Empress Ki - Wax - Love Wind00:38:58 My Girlfriend Is a Gu Mi ho - I Love You From Now On - Lee Seung Gi00:42:36 It’s OK, It’s Love - Best Luck - Chen EXO 00:46:20 The Man Came From The Stars - Hello – Hyorin 00:50:10 Reply 1997 - All For You – Seo In Guk ft Eun Ji APink 00:54:16 The Innocent Man/Nice Guy - Good Girl - Lee Soo Young 00:57:04 Scream Cart - Crying Out – D.O EXO 01:00:51 Secret - Because Of Tears – Ailee01:04:36 Beethoven Virus - Can You Hear Me – TaeYeon SNSD01:08:35 Dream High - Dreaming – Kim So Huyn01:12:15 Empress Ki - Thorn Love – 4 Men01:15:43 Good Doctor - How Come You Don’t Know – Kim Joong Kook01:19:36 Rooftop Prince - Hurt – Ali 01:23:34 To The Baeutiful You - It’s Me – Sunny SNSD ft Luna F(x)01:27:14 Love 911 - Badage - Noel 01:31:01 Master’s Sun - Crazy Of You – Hyorin Sistar 01:35:27 Goong - Perharp Love – HowL ft J 01:40:04 Gentleman’ Digity - My Heartache – Lee Huyn 01:44:33 The Winter Blows - And One – TaeYeon SNSD 01:48:45 Bad Love - Mal Uhb Shi Ool Duh Ra Do -T (Tasha)01:53:04 Heal Me, Kill Me - Hallucination – Jang Jae In ft Na Show 01:56:29 My Daughter, Seo Young - Miss You – Melody Day 02:00:39 Take Care Of The Young Lady - Hot Stuff – Davichi 02:04:17 49 Days - Can’t Let Go - Seo Eun Young 02:08:24 My Gf is a Gumiho - The Person I Will Love - Lee Sun Hee Song

للتسليه والمرح

اجانب والعنوان عربي

Tony corley

Who is your friend

Our Souls

“Yeah I know, I’m a weeb.”

Ericka Exclusive

Uhhh...did that homeless man just turn into a young guitar player?

TheTechnoBlade S

1:31 wat da hecc

Sanjit Mann

Reactions piss me off more than the videos

mohammad najem



Let’s be honest. He’s singing out of tune a lot of the time and his pronunciation is not great.

Mohamed Chahine

Garret cheated


Dude Ty's swing is damn good. He could have probably gone pro in a sport(Baseball, Basketball, Football) If he gave ithis all.


Guru, your videos will always be a national treasure for all of us. Every single video, yes every one brings such joy and happiness with your love and care for your content. Keep it going friend! :D

David Basta



great, now we just have to wait 3 to 4 years..

Chaudhari Ratish

Nice Video

Luke Rodriguez

Caught 12

That guy you thought you knew once

Sighting at 0:37


In NC, the Texas Roadhouse has better pricing:

Reder Mask

There is one easter egg you didnt put in the video.....its about nintendo too......when you do the Misson where you kill an old mans zombie wife....there was a kid that had the MASTER SWORD from the legend of should check it out

Jamesthe1 Στ


It’s Leonard G.

I’m so lucky to have a school that has no bullying.

Αλεξανδρα Κουσιδου

I lost my grandfather this year too he was only 70 years old

Donavin Quinones

Only 576 people like dude perfect

Сука Блять

The dog one in gta v made me shed a tear because that’s what our dog did with my grandma

Ya Yeet

Always be grateful

Also Olivia: why is grandma black?

Alejandro Valencia


Sammy Pedersen

My dad is died

The Rocker Beam

Coby is my favorite


We are sorry for ypur lost jefree, I wish you the best in all that is happening at the moment💔

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Matt's Life

Man this was 2 years ago...

Alex Petrovskiy

Russel Westbrook

Ajna Dubravac

I have all the simptoms

Sakura Shy

Are they gonna reveal the origin of Elsa’s powers in this?

says man should not lay with boy!! It's against child ponografy lol I know that's not how u spell it

ceetz playz

In the fulltimer y ok after brushing teeth


i always wait for a funny scene at the end


Ratchet and clank 2 gets no mention? On the 4th planet, when you walk into an apartment, there is a massive jak and daxter poster. Even on a few planets do you see their posters.

Pulse Blind

"aint no big homies we reckless gang bangin, dont get caught in the mix cause this shit very dangerous " 🔥🔥

Akshit Yadav

You destroyed the TV

Stephanie Silva

Oh my God Jungkook, I love you. You make me happy, make me smile, make me cry, make me whole. I feel glad to be part of this family, which is called Army, not only you but the other boys make me happy in the saddest days, your music makes me happy, because it says everything I need to hear, but nobody is ever willing to say, I love you, and would do anything to see you smile, because if you are happy, so am I.

Night Light

The part with the LEST GOOO! Was like priceless HAHAHA 😂😂🤣🤣😂😂🤣😂😂🤣🤣😂🤣🤣😂🤣🤣😂


this game was really good. and the easter eggs were awesome

André Barreto

Imagine if the girls was racist, and was like “I just don’t agree with black rights, I don’t hate them, I just don’t agree with them”

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3:55 how is quality of that picture so good, if it is old?


If the like button is gray you are not perfect 1 like equals I prayer for cody

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The piranhas would actually be pretty rad