Gospel Praise & Worship with lyrics - 10,000 Reasons, Forever Faithful. vns music music


Gospel Praise & Worship with lyrics - 10,000 Reasons, Forever Faithful.

Jayan Mangat - Ingleborough PS (1491)

Tyler does not laugh because he does not know how to laugh or his beard is too big to see the smile

JüliaKittÿ Lovër

So.... Your the next bill gates?


To be fair 4:38 isn't too impressive anyone could do that within about 5 minutes

Josh Green

I just notice that they are twins.

WhatTheFridge 1o1


Somerandom Person

Oh come on... does the main protagonist really have to look like a 15 year old kid with a Justin Bieber face? He is a god damn Jedi Knight, give us a man with gravitas, not a baby-faced boy.

No Stop

Comments99% memes1% serious comments about the film


Tony Ferguson= World Class fighter and World Class guy. Hope he gets a shot at that title!!

Justin Davis

where do they live

Jody Sandberg


Tiago Mariano

i'm brazillian and i love your videos :D

De tre Tullingene

@1: 00


If Tyler's picked then Ned must be sick ya know.

Traversing Light 1

It would be poetry in motion to watch Steph Curry and Aaron Rodgers showcase their talent.These two are the most accurate in there respective sports.


Is this a reupload?


Thats why i hate fortnite

Myriem Jaziri

Try hatha yoga, its so relaxing, you will love it

Neko Draw’s

This is kinda me but im very shy like reaaaaaly i think ...

Karthi Keyan 777


prince Vegeta

i think panda is either the new assistant or the other twin


zelda has a new hairstyle cool 😍🙂😃


Wait what is this a seige expansion or is this rainbow six doing some kinda zombie game? Either way I'm down.


test the wind with a glove on his hand nice champ :P

Siliv Ice

Was that you're cat?

Salty Oreo

For anyone who doesn't play Borderlands 1-2... Tediore guns explode when out of ammo.

Drowned Kid

I'm gonna be single forever. :,)

Mercedes Rosas

yall are amazing


Okay well by far I think fallout 3 and new Vegas were amazing games, with and without the DLCs.

FEAR MonkGod

i didn't know Mark Zuckerberg was in React


@itsmine0 Sucks ass? This ain't no Two Girls 1 Cup SHIT!

Shawn Hubbard

Time for Jarvis Johnson to come in

Lysias Official

I- ...Yes excited very my oh god wait cannot

Gucci gang

Bawi tin

So cool!

Nathan Turner

You look like megaman

Ashton Thompson

4:00 Did he say i can feel it in ma balls?😂


This.... made my life complete!!!!!!!!!!

Dση'τ mίss me ωίτн τнατ gαγ sнίτ

When I was in third grade I always cried when I was called on by a teacher. I never knew why but I never questioned it either. But same as you, I'm scared of my father and most things I remember about him is yelling at me, my siblings or my mom

GD WhiteBoy

I acctuly criyed

You have not only let me discover a lot of Easter eggs in my favorite games, but you have also lead me to some very good music that has changed my life



snuff. gang

6:37 Smiley creepypasta reference?

Slame Shady

Ur a fuckin weeb i saw your 2 last videos i think at it has anime on it and now you make an anime easter eggs!

Monied Doge


Kevin Justin Chandra

Do The Iphone X Flip Shots