The Doors - Waiting For The Sun music bcbs music


The Doors - Waiting For The Sun

One of my favourite Doors songs. I made it using some footage between 1967- 1970 and scenes of the Oliver Stone movie.If you liked, see also "Whiskey, Mystics and Men":for the comments!

One question, was this actual asmr in the movies/t.v. or did you edit it to make it asmr?

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Even if you only posted once a year, I'd be an avid viewer. Your videos ooze with quality. If a good video means you take time off for yourself, then the wait is worth it. Thanks for the uplaod Guru

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How ya gone fuck up a good song.. lil baby raw but not on anything he jump on.. same goes for gunna..

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Awesome video. But will ever get a face reveal from you, Guru?


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I explain a lot in the description as to my recent uploads and what this video is, I hope you have the time to read it. I've been wanting to incorporate my love for movies into my videos for a while and this gives me a reason to do this.

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Read the bottom top comment by me on this video.

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