Gotan Project La Revancha Del Tango Mixed by DJ Vitor Nunes music zcc female choir music


Gotan Project La Revancha Del Tango Mixed by DJ Vitor Nunes

Mixed tribute to Gotan Project first album! Recreation, innovation has taken a new result! The sound of Argentine Tango mix with Nu jazz, Lounge, Dub, Trip-hop... My thanks to musicians: Philippe Cohen Solal, Eduardo Makaroff & Christoph H. Müller.

Spaghetti man

Does he wanna play duos lmao

Guy: dances on the corpse

Chance Paladin

it feels weird when they don't bow after they're done talking to us. I got so used to it.

Kingston_ King

Animation makes her look hot

chan santawisuk


Ashlee Kate

I dont need to worry because by the time they die they will suffer in hell


I am the popcorn buttery guy

Crawlic 0w0


Sushi lover

Ladies and gentlemen daily reminder that you're not a rehabilitation center for damaged people so don't feel bad about running away. Ignore those dumb pics of the guy alone as a demon and slowly getting better when with "his girlfriend" or some drawing girl who is supposed to be you cause that's a way of manipulation to make you feel bad for them. Sometimes they don't know that they are being toxic cause many people take a long time to find self recognition but no matter what just know you can run away just be careful and protect yourself

Bryce Silcox


Lilee Bock

My favorite winter activity is snowboarding 🏂

SJ Salasek

5:36 that's an oof


Did they die

Yassin Othman


chandra kala

Air controller tower shot is my favourite


It looks deceivingAmazing

Silver Stream

Think, around 18k of the viewers are psychopaths.

I am Suitable

The music in the backround is like in a 1980s porn

How I feel about life after listening to this story

lily delgado

He's so sweet he's so bould

Katie Mejia

Lol nice fake story 👍🏻😂✨

Yowa-sa to Fighting-shin de tsuyo-sa o to kasanetara

Xorakxa Rana

10 Millions❕

Jerom with a J yeah fuck you to make botea

You created a mistake