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Jorrit Ruijs als Scar | In de Huid Van

BackStage volgt Jorrit Ruijs tijdens zijn transformatie naar Scar. Jorrit vertelt over zijn rol in Disney's The Lion King.Check het YouTube kanaal van BackStage voor meer video's:is BackStage. Voor alle ins en outs.BackStage is het YouTube-kanaal van Stage Entertainment NL. Facebook + Twitter + Instagram = MusicalsNLFOLLOW US.© BackStage - Stage Entertainment Nederland

ZAF Bros



Luigi's Adventures

3:22 when you have to carry your sqaud in fortnite


whats the song??

eko prasetio

If indonesian know this, they will stop eat Flour cause can explode and Flameable...

Daphne Macedonia

Anorexia is for strong willed? Pft I must be so strong willed!!

i dont care

Great to hear your voice again Guru! Hope you do more videos in the future where you speak again, keep up the good work!

Benjamin Lanford

I have a betcha: I betcha that ty can put a diamond in the vice and get it really tight and it shatter

(Sorry for bad English, I'm French) 


I’ve been this person. I’d say: don’t sext. Better safe than sorry. Don’t go through the pain and slander spread with it.

Julio56782 J

Can people subscribe to my channel I only have 2

Mel Agustin

Man, i miss smosh lunchtime with smosh. Congrats on your new path!

Itz_ Maddie’s Life!

Who else started crying?

Caleb Coston

how tall is that

Adil ali Siddiqui

how can you made this plane

Nida Shaikh

Any1 watching in 2018

Don’t do anything if I tricked you


I love you guru, i have not heard of many of these like the LOST secret, you are the man! keep making great videos!

Athaliah Buenaflor

I didn't expect the ending nice work my idol and thank you for mking me happy✨


I've watched ALLLL your only question guru is how do you find out about some of this stuff,like the frank ocean/heavens gate reference


Thank you for another great year full of your wonderful videos. When I saw your first video i thought that this will be another mediocre video about Easter eggs in video games, which someone can watch and forget, but I was surprised to see such well done quality content.

Mr. Pillz

Hey Gru, I'm wondering but how did the string of words translate to the opening of Still alive. How was it decrypted?

pepper zoe

Really happy this popped up in my recommended

Tyrese Try

who is under pandas mask


Stewart Concepts, Inc.

wheres cody

Traci K

The old guy is not dead

Quinten Webber

You should film with Tyler Lockett

God Father

Turning white kids black.

Abegail Olfato

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b c

I like your show

Jons Muviplace

Mantap dan bermanfaat

Sam Stein

Yes, Female empowerment!


Haha loved the editing at the end, great job!

Devin Harris

I am a team purple hoser fan

Andrea Balsley

I struglle with anxiety with new people lol



Deepak Prakash

@oolwocx yeah i totally agree! also! dude im loving this game even more beware you might get addicted -->\UzB15D

Sprites good

You made it seem like the dad was a drug dealer and a cheater....

Brooke Haugh

What cm punk said

Vito Burrito

What was/ is your favorite cartoon if you have one?

Francesca Sosa Reyes


RC Throwdown



I'm surprised you didn't mention the fairy fountain song being used in the film either, I fondly remember that when I saw the film in theaters haha



Kate Aileey Sebastian

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