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Dhruvin Gabani

That's amazing


The editing on this video is impeccable, great job.

sai harsha

Frozen 2 :coming this fallMarvel:avenge the FALLen

Mickey Mouse

Ha, an upcoming Disney movie actually has me excited for once, it's been a while since I've felt that way😁

Austin Martin

No it's also from PayDay: The Heist. They use the same mask.

Shea Higgins

When your two fav people are in the finale


dude that was so long ago and you comment now lol that problem got solved already and i bet u dont even know what im talking bout

Meadow Shadow

I know girl life is tough with OCD



O 3O

Salad Thanos2

That's just disgusting lol

Reid Tolley


Borhap.QueenGoddess 101

Anne- xiety

Jason de Guzman

The last cats name will be Panda.

Some Polish Guy

Did duke nukem call master chief a pussy!?!


Most boring video😴😴😴😴

Lisa Altis

What is the music called

Opus the Fox

"Oh my God, Breaking Bad appeared for five seconds! Let's go all apeshit about how it's such a great show!"

itz. Afrah

anna: I wont let anything happend to herseconds latersOmEthiNG hApPenS tO hEr


7:50 easter egg spotted

katie morrissey

The girl is the jerk

who cares?


There was a whole Dark Souls mission in Borderlands 2


No one realized the horse you can ride in game who is next to a small pool? Which is a reference to Zelda breath of the wild? the Lord of the mountain



The Unown

Race hover boards

Ache Hardest

n u j a b e s

Thephantom Pharoh

4:29 So, who's paying LOL

GamEr 299

School stereotypes reply school if You agree

Cwilly Cwilly

My name is Cwilly Cwilly and I will be telling my story of deppersion.I heard a fight one day and I was mentioned in it.....

Herklaas de Wet

you should do a number 2

Lallaren 89


Aliana DeBerry

I hope you have a good life but that is sad 😭🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

Tbone Howe

i love you gis

Febriliani Arnike

Is it too much to ask for you to make another movie’s easter eggs. I need a lot more people like you to make those easter eggs of movies that actually you missed a lot of some great film since deadpool (you only do spiderman’s easter eggs afther that). Like... cmon i need MCU’s easter eggs so bad but i got no talent for it. ☹️

Jordan Tieben

In jazzpunk there is a reference to WOWs easter egg instead of killing a seal you kill a sheep by clicking on it