JoJo Siwa - Kid In A Candy Store (Official Video) music music


JoJo Siwa - Kid In A Candy Store (Official Video)

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If you were born in 1900 youtube was not made yet and you would be dead so this is clickbait


Think about it, each ball cost $3


Noo Bernard

I just noted that that in the " mad by gure " it was a seen in black mirror, bloody love that series

Edward Davis

@aznturtlepop hell yeah they have

fernando sevenfold

lol those are the developers items... they just break the game :D

Cristina wood

Lol Tom should have got 100 X's on the GOT "I BROKE YOUR HEADPHONES! I'M PISSED!"

Lily Emma

ACTUALLY HAPP- oof wrong channel..


Funny that I came back to this video right after I came across probably my favorite anime easter egg. In the show "Devil is a Part Timer", there is a scene in the dub where a character tells another character to "Go and get the pepper grinder. Surely you can do that?" And he responds with "I can, and don't call me Shirley." 10/10 airplane reference. Episode 7 if you are curious

Fusion Blade

Texas Roadhouse is cheaper that means it’s better

Jeff Bob

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Дмитрий Рудницкий

0:41 I like mlp to


Plot twist


5:25 Nice :)

Ruby Rodriguez

It said minute videos the is 11 minutes

Andyyy Wu

most minute videos titles sound like movie or novel names


I miss Quiet...


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Toby Gutermuth

What's her YouTube channel?

El Cabeza de almendra

Soy mexicano

Gary Baxter

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Let’s play that game today!

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That one kid Yesss

Would’ve been better if it was on Spotify....