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Амаль Ламзаров

Я тоже хочу такую обувь НВА

Caleb Watson

“Id be excited for either”😂😂😂


dude, that'd be perfect

Awais Manzoor

Last one is the winner

TheAmbushedMilk XD

At the end mike is holding a kid but........ is that his daughter?

Rainy Allham

Zain King

Ryan McGrale

Do the Chargers

s k

i have so much privilege.

Ethan Milner

3:48 so obvious he had a second marshmallow in his hand to fake that catch 🤭

Keith Gunshot

Wearing headphones when the midget popped out at 4:00 am scared the piss out of me

Jacob Bardonaro

hello dude perfect my name is Jacob on a bardonaro I live in Cincinnati Ohio and I wanted to know if you could go to the Bengals Stadium or the Reds Stadium and I could perform a video with you

Moon Da spoon

yes a new guru video



Cristiano ronaldo Dosantos

Que pro

Zave D

Make a lacrosse stereotype

J Fidel

The arrow-ball swisher

Marihuana y bebida

Kawaii Kitty Gamer!

Ann would go on another date with jim btw nce video c:

Hussain Kanchwala

Get lebron

Black Void

Wat is madden


I have come across geary before in borderlands. I don't remember grabbing the cod and I definitely fast traveled. I killed him and he dropped a special helmet

QxI 242



Hey but please tell me i can get that sword with out mods if so, name?

Jackie Loh

Is Handsom Jack high or something?


Ok,so if you go into Franklin's house and go to where the stereo system is,you will find 2 San Andreas easter eggs.

Aniya Janson

faze rug, I think that you should dye your hair blonde and silver tips again.

Deborah Moore

if it sounds like a cool story and acts like a cool story.....ITS A COOL STORY!!!


try it off the Sears Tower in Chicago.

Happ Shot

How much did Ty and Garrett pay Cody? He guessed the squirrel like animal to be a beaver but he couldn't freaking guess that the game was checkers


in MW3 you can find ump45 with MW2 ACOC sight

Its Shadow!

If he called me fat I would have said "Im not fat i just have loads of personality."