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Doctor Reacts to SCRUBS #2 | Medical Drama Review | Doctor Mike

I have officially changed my mind about Scrubs! I'm really starting to dig this show's style of humor and the topics they cover. It is not easy bringing up the idea of medical errors and delivering bad news in a way that is easy to understand along with a dose of humor.I want to watch more of this show so please hit me with some episodes that you really like from the first/second season as I want to watch it in some sort of reasonable order.Anyway, I hope you enjoy this episode of Real Doctor Watches Scrubs/ Real Doctor Reacts to Scrubs. If you want me to continue making this doctor reaction video please give it alike and leave me a comment on which tv drama or show you'd like for me to review next. Love you all! SUBSCRIBE for new videos every Sunday ▶Let’s connect:IG - Doctor MikeTwitter - Real Doctor MikeFacebook - Real Doctor MikeContact Email: P.O. Box (send me stuff):340 W 42nd St # 2695NY, NY 10108Dr. Mikhail Varshavski D.O. ( dr mike )Select tracks by Dizaro

ערוץ DIY

5:58 ..I’m scared...


Russel Wilson !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Try Again Gacha

Why didn’t she just adopt.


The way Ethan talks about Hila shows how true this love is.

ZestyCørnFlakes X

Finally did lacrosse

John Dettling


Tao Ott

X MEN descendant

Godzilla 379

You even forgot the employee walking in a creepy hall

termx fireboy


Martha Therese R. Baronda

“My step mom is my real mom” Some devs of AC are for sure fans of MGS. Not to mention it's a stealth game, too.

Caden Sanders

see if the team will wear ou jurses

Ginger Chester

Over 900000000000000000

SO Storms

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Burhanuddin Karimi

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I wonder why gear Garrett was crying

Garnetore Gladiator

Guys, this is the best YouTube video ever! My favourite song, my favourite animal and pure badassness. Keep up the good work!

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Le di like desde el momento en el que vi a Harry Potter.

Uzair Zafar

wow what a good explanation and perfect drawing thnx

Spooderman 01

What bout the “I need fresh air” guy

Morgan P



Man , just when I thought I’ve seen it all...

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That's a unexpensive RAGE MONSTER ......


Thanks for the tip.

M.L. Soll

Emma has lost a lot of weight, hasn't she?



Samyak Jain

I first thought that it was plot 4 it but before time buzzed I figured that it was checkera

Do you see it m8?

Cheese Crumbs

the creators of gears of war seem to have a fondness for chickens

Ben Ashworth

The transition music made the video so much funnier

Kirito Watcher

Yeah this also happened to me i was really sad

Liam 'Bilbo' Beasley

Damn, that Wendy's represent, fo sho!

Kamala Khadka

drone spotted in o:52

Tommy De Sadi

Kyle: Breaks MCW's nose enough for it to leak in game 1 against Orlando and flops while doing so - No call, no anything.

Eli Smith


Chris Uden

Airplane Shot?Jizztastic XS


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@FunwithGuru I think you may've made a mistake with the last Easter egg possibly!

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The Manager getter (KAREN TOOK THE FING KIDS)

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This trailer left me more confused than the first one😲 still I'm gonna watch frozen

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