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George Ezra - Paradise (Official Music Video)

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Mike Garcia

Naughty dogs turned a badass (Drake) into a punkass (judging beaver(jb) )

Zakaria Islam Islam

Next 2vs2 football match......1 will eliminate in first round by toss.

:(( Saw a easter egg vid and remebered you :)

shadowtrooper 262

For the first time (maybe), Stan lee made two cameos in one movie!

XD that clip from the movie Matilda always gets me. Good job on that one guru.

Mario Rizu

5:23 every teenager is depresed

o p h e l i a r o s e xx

This girl is sooo dduuumb

KP Crazy

Where are the twins at?????

If someone know give me name please


I would have just ran off the course

Ryan Morris

So movie references in video games? I like it

debbie sramek

Panda is best I panda for Halloween


Bruh I’m 10 and I’m 52... And you.. 40??!


this is freakin awesome


Dat face when he is axing the flour lol XD ; )



Sorry dude but the Moon song is just one EE, you get different songs by activating the bears on different orders

Me: Also pulls out a knife Lets fight


Get the heck out of that stadium that's a horrible stadium and team!

Matthew Alexander

2019 ? Guys

Koala Bear

Where is TY??

Jonnie Brim

I always enjoy the trick shots and know they're probably really difficult to pull off, but it seems they've maybe gotten a little lazy 😂

:Link "Down" Ghh "I didn't even realise how big he is" "He's so fast and strong, and the worst part is.. He's holding back" and maybe other writers like Ray Bradbury (Fahrenheit 451) and Margaret Atwood (the Handmaid's Tale)?

Totallykewl Dog

Gosh this is a true story! I watched this girl’s interview.

You smot

Lucas Aanstoos

I have a record my brother in law hold. Most balloon b,own up in an hour. It's absurd and insane. I dare you perfect dudes to beat it! Contact me on my FB or IG and I'll check for a response. I can set up a chance for you guys to not only try to beat it, but then use those balloons in a subsequent video so everyone knows how much you guys love to recycle. Hit me back dudes.

Nwonknu 1

silly helicopter forgot to aim for the ground

Jedidiah Monforton

Get Clint Frazier from the new york yankees

The CYborg

I wanna see glow in the dark panda now

michael c yo

This actually made me cry lol

Mateusz litwa

3:43 kan and linch postac

EJ Marino

Outbacks blooming onion has been disgusting everytime ive tried it. They use strong ass red onion instead of a sweet vidalla.


if 2018 heres a refrence 4:12 = baldis music lel


I'm sorry but the only thing I've taken away from this video is that Infinity War is shot entirely wiTH IMAX CAMERAS

Miller Family

Watch the centipede rap by Ryder coonenlike subscribe comment too

Jennifer Duncan

the one from watchmen makes me sad :(

ar,ASO agir,aso

Ouh.. so good.. i love him and miss him



So this might be my last 'Best Easter Eggs' video for maybe a month because of some personal stuff, and I'm going to start to make a video for a new type of series for this channel (related to Easter Eggs). So thanks for watching guys.

SEKOU BangBang

Whoever dislikes this song your mom deadass a treesh



joke 101

If you want to be part of dude perfect

Joe Wilson

I'm glad you put the scenes from the movies in. Some Easter Egg videos forget to do that and it always annoys me. I look forward to seeing more videos like this.

Dajjal Taqiyya

was you raised by your father or mother?

Maryam W

People should just give treatment!

1dromadez de

I only watch the videos for the music.

Saiko Pat

Rooster Teeth get emailed requests to find/get easter eggs, achievements and like that. They also makes shorts, podcasts, events and a machinima called Red VS Blue. They don't watch videos, they MAKE them, WORK with them and rest of their lifes, they LIVE with them. MAKE, WORK, LIVE.

Bear Cloud

250 yard pool party

Just a regular guy on two wheels

wether coby will ever win a battle

Itz Jo._se_.phineee

I mean she could’ve helped Mia by reporting her parents to the police or something ??

Anime moments


Susu :3

I don't understand the Dear Esther game that much? Like people say it's really relaxing and takes their anxiety away. Hell the fuck no, it does not do that?? It's literally a long journey to your own death in the end? I still don't get the idea for it. ( but I actually kinda like the game, but I found it fucking creepy after I saw the black ghostly figure following + the ending is weird )


you sound and talk like a guru...oh wait, i just saw your sub count and DAMN i used to say"man guru deserve more then 2000 subs" but wow ,cant wait for your surpassing of pewdiepie :P

GACHA girl

why your voice sounds likes girl voices?