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Generations React To 100 Years Of Celebrity Breakups

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Kari Ford-Scott

Lionel Messi should be next

Duds Quiroga

Esse cara fica com raiva

wolf_gamer Romero

Bro this shit fake look when tje ball comes down at 3:44 Tyler pulls his hand it has a string on it 👿👿

Barış Çakın

stanley prable is good brodher XD

Aphesha Thomas

my mother and dad would,nt do that


Slenderman one is creepy.

Alan Lu

0:56 if ty is chinese or japanese, then "toney tyler" would be his name(note that chinese and japanese people put last name front)


James Charles left the chat

Jackson animates

When I saw this video I thought you were flash in real life

Ryan 5223

Mickey: I am Elsa,do you think you're the only superheroes around the world?Elsa you are part of this bigger universe that you just don't know yet.Elsa: I'm sorry,but who are you?Mickey: I am Mickey, Director of Disney. And I'm here to talk to you about The Princess Initiatives


Fun times ahead.

bob awesome

I dont know why but lots of times i get goosebumps at the of the video, thank you for that

Nogirl .whatsoever


Kato - 713

I agree on the Texas Christmas considering I actually live in Texas

Jackson Whitrow

And open marriage isn’t bad on its own ,if you agree on it why not? But what the dad and mom did was unacceptable on so many levels

Vica Yu


PackerFan4Ever 5

1:58 oh but Tyler it will


That's a twist, that's very twistyThis movie looks so beautiful!

Foggy Pebble

Thank you. I had the same experiences when I was little and would become manic (I don’t now). People associate mania with acting really happy and talking fast; that was never how I experienced it. I at one point was misdiagnosed with Schizophrenia. Thank you for sharing your story and enlightening, person!

send me a msg if you want to know where.

AJG_ 2006

Who took that photo???

Jonathan Thomas

"*Possible parody of Donald Trump*"



All around the school + we are only 12 she was pissed, the boy and my friend got in huge trouble, she doesn't know where that picture could be right now... Do not send anyone pictures of you no matter how much they ask you, if they ask you, tell your parents, don't let a boy manipulate you like that😶

jordan winecoff

number 2 dico time

Mehme Öztürk

Türkler +1

Justin But digital

The did coby so dirty

Galloway Jackson