Ethiopian Music: Maritu Legesse (Enechawet) ማሪቱ ለገሰ (እንጫወት) New Ethiopian Music 2019(Official Video) music vizazi music


Ethiopian Music: Maritu Legesse (Enechawet) ማሪቱ ለገሰ (እንጫወት) New Ethiopian Music 2019(Official Video)

Ethiopian Music : Maritu Legesse (Enechawet) ማሪቱ ለገሰ (እንጫወት) - New Ethiopian Music 2019(Official Video)Ethiopian Music: Check Out Ethiopian New Musics, Comedy and More Ethiopian Videos by Minew Shewa Entertainment.Ethiopian music.Google+ :- :- :- #minewshewatube #ethiopia #ethiopianmusic Make sure to subscribe to Minew Shewa Tube and turn on notifications to stay updated with all new uploads!🔔Any unauthorized use, copying or distribution is strictly prohibited.Copyright ©2019: Minew Shewa Entertainment.-~-~~-~~~-~~-~-Please watch: "Ethiopian Music : Amsal Mitike | አምሳል ምትኬ "እንደ ሺህ የሚቆጠር" New Ethiopian Music 2019(Official Video)"


Really surprised there's no Monty python references

emad alrefai



I found a grave when out hunting for treasure once, seems i might have been one of the few to find it since i haven't yet found a video with it. Inside the grave was a skeleton with a big head and small body and had a sword called stinger. Does anyone maybe know where it's from? Cause i can't figure it out.

deleted channel lol

Doctor Patrisha. Wow

Hai! Hai!

I had my period for 6 months straight but no cramps....just always hungry


6:02 Poor Highfive

Ultima GogetaJay



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Devon Barber

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Natália Souza brito

I love yu😘

Itz_Mysticgacha ‘

The Dolan twins should react to edits people made for them

Jaws Torres

Also some shop said slikk could be reference to slik in the spiderman comics

I guess it's a brief note about what RE6 is all about XD

Andre M

Is this champion Hall of Fame theme remix anywhere on YouTube or online?! Clean

High Legacy

3:49 Tyler was fast lol

The Judge

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She and her family are cats , to survive a free-fall.

Mighty Micah

Do a Dishonored vid!


should’ve remastered reach.. smh

Kris 111

The fat beard one. So annoying

Yuxuan Huang

Its football dipshits

Joshua McLeod

When you realize he edited the questions to make a few them be like how he wants them to be

Pls like took me 24 minutes

Amber Hoying

I love you

5 haman

Well I'm gay and so many teacher and student hate me and look down on me, but I still have friends. Both cases are huge problems just because people can't accept any opinion what is different from theirs. However I don't think that nobody accepted her. There are always somebody who has a same view as you. I can understand the anger in the comment section, because we want people to accept us, but some homophobic person will definetly misunderstand this. They'll say that we have no empathy and we're genetically ruined.. (Sorry for my English)

Ricky Jiang

I mean sure they just moved out of the way when they did the five dudes one shooter thing


Marvel YouTube employees: "Can't wait for you guys to tell your opinion on the game in the comment section." Me:I'm Not Asking You HOP And Pls Shut Up Or Else >:(

Jose Gabriel Vergara

Guru means teacher right?

ironheartgirl 102

You should do one that is last to leave the bed challenge or a food challenge and Chandler whoul win yaaaaa and I want that to happen and he could win the money plz two more challenges plz and do them he's good at times two plz or I'll cry😝😭😭😭😭😭😭👌👍


what is  your plane name i want to  buy

mun mun

i lol'd at the hitman easter egg when lenny got owned by an icecream truck

Govind Dhillon

Team Coby for ever!!!!!!!!!!😃😃😃😄😄😄😄🐼


Omgggg Seguin And Benn Are really with them!

j revilla

Hi Bijuu Mike

Becky Reed

you should film in Utah next time, it's asome!



Victor Heart

People who judge you on how you look, they do that because they are jealous that they aren't special and they never will be.

Thispotato 2003

This made me cry .

gaming with haleel

Guys that was awesome

guillot aurelien

Trop bien continuer comme ça


True realy creepy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tristan Scott

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ryder_ wolfe

The shoes would be small because you are the bigger girl

Fabio Dwarika

I laugh a lot with the broken basket

Timmy D

Launch urselves

Hydrochloric Ac1d

0:08 what is that resolution? jeez

N0mad2676 00

He emoted on his death, they’re stream sniping

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wait is the paddle up one actually real?


When she Said the 10 things.. she described my dad..😳😬🙈

Mark M

I really enjoy your videos, and the music you put in them is just frosting on the cake 😁